All these threads with loads of responses but

  pj123 15:12 08 Feb 2006

no feedback from the original poster.

Please, if you have solved the problem with or without the help of the Forum, at least let us know.

I realise that we can't all log on to the Forum every day but if I post a problem I would want to know fairly quickly if there was a solution.

  rmcqua 15:18 08 Feb 2006

I agree pj123. I'm amazed how often someone tries to help with what seems an urgent problem, offers a solution and then the thread goes dead. just a brief note to say that it worked would be great.

  Taw® 15:37 08 Feb 2006

pj123 does no harm to have a reminder now and again.
How about us all checking through "My postings" and ticking those we own as resolved (if they are)Just to clarify for anyone new "My Postings" as in your own postings not mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  pj123 16:04 08 Feb 2006

I check My Postings regularly for any that might be resolved and tick where necessary. I always add a rider that says "if anyone finds a thread of mine that appears to be resolved, but not ticked, please let me know".

  jakimo 21:41 08 Feb 2006

This has always been the way since the forum first started,some people just don't appreciate the help offered,or are not aware that a positive reply help others with the same problem

  pj123 10:43 11 Feb 2006

Ticking this one now.


  Forum Editor 11:00 11 Feb 2006

we see these threads, and time and again I say the same thing.

It's good to have 'closure', but that's not why we're here, and if anyone thinks that nagging people will produce the result they want they are in for a disappointment. It's a fact of life that many people simply want a quick resolution, and they move on. They don't think about thanks or acknowledgments, in the same way that they don't give you any sort of acknowledgment when you stop and let them pass in a narrow road.

If you are going to worry about such things you'll go to your grave being dissatisfied.

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