all text has turned into symbols

  daz246 11:58 01 May 2005

Hi, I'm currently cleaning out my pc and when I restarted all text has now turned into symbols. Even the Windows start screen and desktop juts has symbols and no words.

I can't system restore either, any help? Have I deleted anything?

  Belatucadrus 12:20 01 May 2005

What did you clean out and how ?

  Eric10 12:24 01 May 2005

Make sure that you have the Tahoma font installed. If it is present then you may have a corrupt Registry key. click here and scroll down to item 249 to download the Registry key.

  daz246 12:24 01 May 2005

I installed Roxio 6 as I wanted to transfer some files to disc, then restarted and then bang, all symbols.

  daz246 12:27 01 May 2005

Eric 10, can you tell me what the buttons are to press once I've hit 249 as again they are all in symbols.

  daz246 12:33 01 May 2005

In word it looks like i have no fonts except Times New Roman and Marlet,

  daz246 12:34 01 May 2005

I've loked aganin in word and it says I have no fonts only Marlet, Times New Roman has not been installed, so how do I go about getting all my Fonts back? Or atleast one that will enable me to read anything.

  Eric10 12:55 01 May 2005

Since the fonts seem to be missing then we should assume for the moment that your Registry is ok. Marlet font is a symbol font so this seems to be all that is available for windows to use.

Can you copy the Tahoma font from another PC and then put it into your Windows, Fonts folder? Typing "sfc /scannow" in the Start, Run dialogue replaces missing system files but I don't know if this applies to system fonts or not. You could copy the whole of the fonts folder from the other PC onto a CD and paste the fonts onto yours. The correct method of adding fonts is through Control Panel but since virtually all of yours are missing then pasting into the folder should work ok. The Fonts folder may be hidden so if you can't see it you will need to "Show hidden files and folders" in Tools, Folder options in My Computer.

  daz246 13:09 01 May 2005

Searching from my networked laptop the fonts are still in the folder but I cant see them through the pc, i've tried copying them from the laptop but again there not there.

  daz246 13:43 01 May 2005

I've managed to reinstall the fonts but as soon as I restart the PC I lose everything again. Even if I reload the fonts through control panel, they appear then if I go out of the folder and back in they have disappeared.

Any further help?

  daz246 14:16 01 May 2005

Used this, said none of my fonts had a registry info, so now fixed. Thanks to all.

Try Fix Font Folder Utility
Download the free utility from click here which should fix any font registration problems.

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