All of a sudden laptop won't connect to wireless connection!

  Damo1977 12:41 23 Oct 2013

Hi guys, I really need some help as my laptop is suddenly playing up and won't connect to the internet.

I've had the same Dell Studio laptop for a few year now and its always been very reliable. However suddenly at the back end of last week while I was working, it lost the internet connection and at first had a small yellow symbol in front of the wifi signal logo near the clock in bottom right corner of screen. But after a little while this changed to showing the wifi connection bars as greyed out with a picture of what looked like a little sun in front.

After a few restarts I couldn't get a connection so was forced to carry on working on my Ipad. The connection on all other devices such as iPads, iPhones etc is still fine.

The following day when the laptop was switched on, initially the same problem but after a restart it connected to the wifi and worked fine for a few hours. It wasn't then used over the weekend but on Monday morning, initially all seemed fine and it connected and worked as normal for nearly an hour until it suddenly disconnected again. A restart resulted in the wifi connecting again but only for a matter of minutes before once again disconnecting.

And that was the last time it successfully connected and despite numerous attempts and restarts since, no connection at all.

When I click on the wifi symbol in the bottom right corner, it brings up the list of available wireless network connections and my broadband appears in the list showing as 'connecting'. If I click disconnect and then click back onto it to connect, it appears as though it is trying to connect (wifi symbol has blue spinning circle in front of it), then I get a message box saying 'Windows was unable to connect to *** (mynetwork)'.

As you can imagine this is incredibly frustrating and I am hoping someone on here can be the hero and advice on how to fix this.

For your info I am using Windows 7 connecting to the internet using a Sky hub.

Many thanks.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:15 24 Oct 2013

You may be suffering from interference from a neighbour on the same channel

its worth changing the wireless channel in the router and retrying

Also try re inserting the routers passkey (phrase) in the laptop

  rdave13 20:40 24 Oct 2013

If Fruit Bat /\0/\ 's suggestions doesn't work it might be a failing chip (wlan) on the motherboard.

  woodchip 21:23 24 Oct 2013

If its Faulty a USB WiFi dongle is the best and cheapest way to go

  iscanut 21:29 24 Oct 2013

Have you tried connecting via ethernet cable, laptop to hub ?

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