All Programs ???

  roygbiv 12:21 20 Oct 2003

After installing programs, they do not show in all programs. They are in Add/remove.
I have to do a search and right click to put a shortcut on the desktop (so I can get access to the program). When I hover the cursor over the shortcut it says C:\programs\ but it is not there ???.

Why is this happening ?? . Has ?all programs? got a size limit (certain number of programs)?? . XP home .

  graham√ 12:37 20 Oct 2003

Is it in Programs, Accessories?

  roygbiv 12:43 20 Oct 2003

Sorry, but it isnt ANYWHERE except when i run the search and make a shortcut. Alan

  hugh-265156 13:01 20 Oct 2003

whats the program/s?

most will automaticaly create a shortcut in all programs but some you will need to tick a box when installing to create a shortcut here.some programs dont create shortcuts anywhere and you have to make them yourself.

  AubreyS 13:03 20 Oct 2003

If you right click on the shortcut then go to properties and then click on find target that should tell you where they are.

  hugh-265156 13:04 20 Oct 2003

ps,most go into start/explore all users/C:/program files by default.

if it was a zip then its wherever you unzipped it to.

  roygbiv 13:37 20 Oct 2003

Thanks for the tips so far.

It happens to all programs that i have to install.

after installing i find NO reference to them. I have to do a search and then nake a shortcut from there.

The start / all programs menu dosent seem to acept anything anymore ??

The start / All programs, has a few old (empty) spaces (i wish to delete, to make more room).

  hugh-265156 13:41 20 Oct 2003

what happens if you right click the task bar and click properties/start menu/customize/advanced and tick the scroll programs box?

do they appear now? it should give you more room.

  roygbiv 13:49 20 Oct 2003

huggyg71 Thanks Wahey

scroll programs seems to show them up. Do you know how many programs will go on this list or is it an infinite number ??. Alan THANKS

  hugh-265156 13:53 20 Oct 2003

i think its just your hard drive space that will limit the amount of programs.

  AubreyS 13:57 20 Oct 2003

If you right click the start button then, properties > customize > advanced > Scroll Programes and take the tick out, it will then display everthing.

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