all programmes on start menu prob

  patso 13:35 30 May 2005

i know this sounds like beginners stuff but when i go to start all programmes i have so much apps that i am on the fourth line and it seems i will have no more space on my desk top to view all the progs i have on my there any way of minimising them to fit or making them smaller,also how do i uninstall things from the task bar?any help please .

  Taff36 13:39 30 May 2005

You can organise these very easily into folders such as Programs, Utilities, AntiVirus and Spyware Protection etc.

In XP right click on the start button and select explore. You will be given a windows explorer interface. First create new folders then drag each application into the folders you have selected. I suggest you create about 8 folders with names you identify with and then you can navigate to the application quicker.

  ACOLYTE 13:40 30 May 2005

There is 2 thing you can do,first make the desktop bigger by altering the screen resolution,if you dont wanna do that you can make them scroll in stead on opening in pages
right click the taskbar choose properties/startmenu/customize/advanced then scroll down the list to you get to network connections about 6 boxes below that is a box called "scroll programs" tick this and the start menu apps will scroll downwards not open in pages.


By the way this is for XP you didnt say what your os was so if its not XP then i dont think this would work.

  Taff36 13:45 30 May 2005

For example create a folder called Office and put in it all the shortcuts such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint etc (Thats about 10 less on your list) Another folder of mine is Utilities that contains a sub-folder called Programmes ad another called Antivirus & Spyware, The latter contains Avast, Adaware, Spybot, Spywareblaster, MS Antispyware etc. (Paranoid I am!)

I then have general folders under programmes for Reference, Media and Internet.

  Taff36 13:48 30 May 2005

Good point. In XP as well it works slightly differently if you are in "Classic View" which is what I`m describing. We need to know the Operating system and if it`s XP which view you are in.

  patso 13:50 30 May 2005

taff 36 i must be as paranoid as you as i have those apps as well

  Taff36 13:51 30 May 2005

Not bad in 10 minutes flat Acolyte!

  ACOLYTE 13:54 30 May 2005

glad its sorted 10 minute turn around nice,lol.

  patso 17:11 30 May 2005

sorry taff and acolyte i hit resolved before my reply stupid me.yes i have xp home and thanks again for the replys as this has sorted things out for me.thanks again for all the help.patso

  patso 17:16 30 May 2005

p.s sorry for not replying earlier as something came up and i had to log off for a while.thanks again AC and t sorry for being so rude.

  Taff36 17:34 30 May 2005

You`re welcome. It is nice to know that the answers we gave led to a result though - personal (and shared) satisfaction. Revisit anytime.

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