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  john bunyan 14:56 12 Jul 2013

My granddaughter is going to Uni in September. She has a good laptop and a tablet. I am buying her a Multi purpose wireless printer / scanner - probably a Canon. She has Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, and Office 2007. Two points: 1. To save ink costs is it worth having a cheap mono printer as well? 2. You can scan using Photoshop to make .psd files. Can anyone suggest other software she may need ( She has MSE, Malawarebytes, Superantispyware , ATI etc) . She will be reading History so will use Word for essays etc as she did with her IB extended essay.She also has allthe usual iTunes etc. I am making arrangements with a local "expert" who could remotely repair software etc should she run into trouble, and I am trying to get her to use Acronis to back up to a external drive more frequently than at present.

  rdave13 15:54 12 Jul 2013

I'd be inclined to use the free version of Avast or AVG than MSE, but that is my preference. Avast seems to be quick at blocking bad sites if redirected. Works well with the pro version of malwarebytes which also jumps in to block unwanted sites.

  Woolwell 16:26 12 Jul 2013

Software to read pdf files.

Uni's put their resources online and she will therefore be using the internet quite a lot.

Students can usually use the university's printers when they are logged in to their account so I don't see the need for a separate printer.

  Woolwell 16:28 12 Jul 2013

Printing using the uni's printers is obviously done with the laptop at uni. Does she have a robust carry case?

  Woolwell 16:31 12 Jul 2013

I gather that my info is slightly out as the student's have to pay to print but that is what most do. I also gather that is fairly usual for a laptop to be taken along to a tutorial and the work read on screen.

  wiz-king 16:43 12 Jul 2013

Alarm clock - uni networks are slow during the daytime peak use. grin

Is she going to be in residence or in digs? If in digs she will need to make sure it has a good fast internet to share. She will also need a multi-way socket strip to plug it all in and a selection of cat 5 and usb A-B leads as printers etc don't come with them - I know the frustration of having a nice shiny new printer and not being able to connect it by wireless and having no cable to hardwire it.

  rdave13 16:56 12 Jul 2013

Another thought, a flash drive (encrypted), for those times you need to carry work without having to lug a tablet/laptop.

  john bunyan 17:57 12 Jul 2013

Thanks for the advice so far. She has a carrying case for the laptop, but recently has used a 7" Samsung tablet with a docked keyboard, for portability at lectures and for note taking etc, then uese drop box or plugs it in to laptop for final use in word, as the Samsung word processor is compatible.

Re printing, I just thought it handy to have one's own for "home" (Hall) use. Yes, an encrypted flash drive is a good idea. She will be in Hall for first year then in digs (UCL)

I will look at the options all have kindly suggested and come back with a cunning plan. Any views on personal insurance, as London can have security issues.

Jock 1e Thanks for software thoughts. She has ATI but I am quite happy to have pro versions of anti virus and Malawarebytes if folk think they are worth it. As you say, the problem is ensuring discipline on back up and scanning.

  rdave13 18:29 12 Jul 2013

I certainly wouldn't fork out for an AV. Free versions of the two best are good enough in my opinion. I would, however, fork out a one off payment for Malwarebytes.

As for the Flash drive, it should only be used for the odd occasion where data needs to be available 'just in case' and not used as a total backup.

Small and easy to carry and one never knows when the data will be handy at an opportunity that might only knock once.

  Woolwell 18:56 12 Jul 2013

Student hall rooms can be quite small but nice. An extra printer could well take up valuable space.

You may find that there is a double entry system to get into the hall and it is relatively secure.

Much of the work at uni can now be kept in the cloud.

  Woolwell 19:04 12 Jul 2013

ps a Scanner and all in one printer could be handy.

Much depends on which hall she is actually residing in.

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