All in-One Printers/scanner etc....reccommedations

  mikegm6 16:07 05 Nov 2003

I will probably be buying a Canon (cheap cartridges)all in-one printer/scanner etc
Can anyone reccommend a particular model. Thanks

  pj123 16:26 05 Nov 2003

As you can see from all the responses you have, All-in-one printers are not a good bet. But if you insist the Epson 3200 is not a bad option. The ink cartridges are fairly cheap as well if bought from click here.

If anything goes wrong with one part of it the whole lot is kaput.

  Creditman 17:49 05 Nov 2003

Ihave used the above for 5 months & find it excellent for both scanning & printing. Cartridges are expensive but if you shop around the Net about 25% discount can be obtained. Dixons were selling this model.

  S5W 19:11 05 Nov 2003

pj123 "all in one printers are not a good bet".

Well, depends, sort of horses for courses argument.

I have been using an HP officejet d145 for the past 18 months,it takes up little more space than a printer but adequately carries out 4 tasks plus it takes all sizes of photo cards. It can be used stand alone when computer is off and does superb colour faxes which I need. I haven't had a single problem with it

As Creditman says the ink cartridges are expensive but if you value reliability it is not a bad buy.

I just know that after this it is going to expire first thing tomorrow. ;-)))

  spuds 23:13 05 Nov 2003

My first 4in1 is a 5 year old HP 590,which is still chugging away very nicely. My second 4in1 was a Lexmark X85, which I traded in for my latest 4in1, which is the Lexmark X5150.The X5150 covers all my needs,including good photo work.I would recommend this model, especially as it is now available within the ?79.99 -- ?99.99 mark. Some people say that Lexmark cartridges are very expensive, but I have found, if you look around, then you can get them at favourable prices.

  Smudge 23:56 05 Nov 2003

My epson cx3200 has performed great. Very pleased with it and no problems (so far, touch wood!).

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