All-In-One printers

  [email protected] 14:51 13 Nov 2004

I am upgrading to Windows XP Home at long last and would consider investing around £150 in an All-In-One printer.From various things I have been told some printers are good in some areas and not so good in others.I would,hopefully,buy a printer which will produce clear text,reproduce scanner items to a good standard and print digital photos also to a good standard.I have been looking at an Epson Stylus CX6600 which seems reasonable and have been told Hewlett Packard should be considered.Epson ink costs seem reasonable,don`t know about HP.I would welcome the Forums views on this matter.

  Gongoozler 15:03 13 Nov 2004

HP has the advantage that when you replace the ink cartridge you are at the same time replacing the print head which is integral with it. This means that you always have a new print head. The disadvantage is that you are then also paying for a new print head, and if you buy compatibles, you are really buying refilled old HP cartridges. Epson has the advantage that the ink cartridge is really just a box of ink, and therefore much cheaper. The disadvantage here is that if the printer is left unused for a long time, the ink can dry in the print head and is often impossible to clear. As the print head is part of the printer, it is usually cheaper to buy a new printer than to replace the print head.

  Johnnie_M 15:09 13 Nov 2004

I myself an HP, now since my model there has been an advance in HP printing in that for example the PSC 1350 or the PSC 2175, you are able to remove the black cartidge and replace it with a photo cartridge so at any point you wish to print photographs in high quality it leaves you that possibilty costs for ink I know at least from John Lewis are very cheap No.56 (black) £14.99 No.57 (colour) £22.99 no.58 (optional photo) £19.50. I would deffo recommend these products as I know of a few problems with competitors products in relation to ink heads.

  pj123 15:22 13 Nov 2004

I would always go for Epson the ink is a very good price from click here

Having said that the HP mentioned by Johnnie_M is also good. Ink from Tonezone click here
is 56 at £10.95 compatible, 57 £14.95 compatible and 58 original at £14.95.

  Dan the Confused 15:45 13 Nov 2004

I'm also thinking of getting a CX6600 but a little worried about this print head clogging. On Google there are a lot of references to head cleaners for Epson Stylus printers, are these any good?

(Sorry to gatecrash, Mack1.)

  CHAIRLEG 16:11 13 Nov 2004

I have HP psc 1350 and have found it to be ok.The price of ink is falling now and if you shop around can get good deals even on are quite good.

  woodt 16:19 13 Nov 2004

Epson Stylus CX6600 is best buy in PC Advisor for Jan2005...nuff said.

  Johnnie_M 16:49 13 Nov 2004

I hear what your saying, but how do you know PCA have been able to test the HP machines currently around??

  Johnnie_M 16:51 13 Nov 2004

For anyone who believes that buying an MFD means sacrificing image quality, the PSC 2175 will come as a revelation. At £149 it isn't cheap, but its relatively low running costs compensate. Superb performance and glorious output make this MFD the perfect way of tapping into the market without having to compromise.

This is a quote on the HP PSC2175 model I am speaking about lifted straight from PCAdvisor website

  Gongoozler 20:37 13 Nov 2004

I think that for the same price range there is little difference in quality between HP and Epson. The real choice is the balance of the certainty of more expensive ink for HP, and the possibility of head clogging in an Epson. If you take the basic precautions with the Epson of printing with all colours at least once a month, replacing the cartridges as soon as they are empty and never leaving the printer with a cartridge removed for more than a few minutes, then you should never suffer a clogged print head.

  kev.Ifty 22:30 13 Nov 2004

Me got the Epson, i don't do a great deal of printing and the print head is alive and well.(report's of it's demise were greatly exaggerated).

I have no complaints about it. The prints from digital photo's is good the scanner is also pretty good.

The best bit is the Card Reader.Put your media card in, press the button, a thumb nail print of the photo's is produced.

You then tick the pictures that you wish to print and place the printout under the scanner, press the next button.

A few minutes later you have your pics in your hand and you ain't even used your PC!

click here


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