all in one printer problem

  diesel1948 22:12 01 Jan 2009

I listed a problem with my printer sometime ago and it started working ok. It has now started misbehaving again. It is an hp psc 2210 all in one. It will not stay switched on, I plug it in and the lights flash and I switch it on, after 10/15 seconds it just goes off. Then it wont switch on. I unplug it and plug it in another socket and it flashes again and lets me switch it on then the same again it just goes off. Just cant use it. Anyone got any ideas?

  Technotiger 22:16 01 Jan 2009

I can only guess that it has an intermittent power connection problem of some sort - but IMHO more importantly, why not get yourself a new or better printer, they are not particularly expensive these days.

  diesel1948 22:30 01 Jan 2009

Looks like thats the answer to the problem. I know it is rather old but it has not had that much use. Just thought it may have been something one of the kids had messed with.

  Pamy 23:38 01 Jan 2009

I would check the wiring to the plug

  diesel1948 00:09 02 Jan 2009

The plugs a sealed unit pamy, tried it again printer comes on for 10 seconds then turns itself off.

  Technotiger 09:14 02 Jan 2009

Well as you have had problems with it in the past, I guess now is the time to give yourself a belated Christmas prezzie!


  diesel1948 00:09 12 Jan 2009

Thanks guys for all your help.

  Strawballs 00:32 12 Jan 2009

Do you have a different power lead you could try.

  diesel1948 10:37 12 Jan 2009

I did all that Straw and nothing worked in the end I uninstalled printer and then reinstalled it. Touch wood it seems to have solved the problem. Cheers mate

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