all in one printer help needed which should i buy

  boldon 18:30 14 Apr 2017

im confused with all the reviews I want a new all in one printer (I currently have a Epson sx200, which works fine)it needs to be wireless and have cheap printer ink cartridges as I print a lot (mainly black and white) can anyone suggest one? or point me in the right direction of online reviews

  morddwyd 20:25 14 Apr 2017

Reviews are not really going to help you.

As cost is a major factor you should be looking at the number of prinys per cartridge against the cost per cartridge and doing a factual comparison.

  boldon 08:19 15 Apr 2017

Thanks great tip I hadn't thought of that

  Secret-Squirrel 09:18 15 Apr 2017 printer ink cartridges.......

Such a thing doesn't exist. Even if you buy generic "compatible" cartridges it's still going to cost a fortune if you do lots of printing.

I've installed a couple of Epson "Ecotank" models and was very impressed with them - particularly with the semi-business "EcoTank ET-3600" model although I've noticed that the price has increased by £50 in the past month :( The supplied ink will probably last at least two years and the printer has an extra large black reservoir. Extra bottles of ink cost less than a tenner.

  chub_tor 10:57 15 Apr 2017

When choosing a new printer here is what I do.

  1. Work out which features I have to have, for example mine must always be wireless, have the ability to print on card, do double sided printing and be able to print on CD/DVD discs. High quality photos are not essential for me.

  2. Search for printers with those features and find out the part numbers of the printer cartridges.

  3. Go to printer cartridge suppliers websites (I tend to use 7Day Shop and First Call Inks) to make sure that compatible cartridges are available - if they are not available for the printer model I have selected then I move onto my next choice of printer.

  4. Having found out the printer I want I then search for the best price from suppliers I have used before and purchase my new printer.

  wee eddie 12:23 15 Apr 2017

I chose to change to a Colour Laser Printer. The colour is not particularly brilliant but it is sufficient for Company Logos and simple pictures. It will do photos, OK but not brilliantly, but don't put Inkjet photo paper into a laser, the glaze may stick to the drum. I get my photos printed in Boots if I really need that sort of quality.

So, no longer any need for Headed Note Paper and, of course, the ink won't run if it gets wet.

No ink wasted during Head Cleaning which, by my estimation, was where a large proportion of my Inkjets ink was going. Just turn it on, wait for it to warm up, press print

It's a Samsung CLP325, pretty basic and I've been running it for several years now, so the model has almost certainly been superseded. However I am now convinced that my assessment of the inkjet's weakness was correct

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