All my computers wont stay on for more than a few

  terarded 10:20 24 Sep 2015

Hello, a while back i had what i assumed to be a faulty pc. Every once in a while it would turn off and when i turned it back on it would turn on for 2 seconds, lose power, and turn on again for 2 seconds in an endless loop. Tired of trying to diagnose the problem i bought a fresh ready-made pc. Until now its solved all problems but tonight i tried turning it on and its doing the exact same thing. I cant for the life of me figure out what is happening, its all completely different hardware and i recently moved houses so it cant be some sort of electrical problem (the computer had no problems before or after the move). It hasnt been connected to the internet since the move so theres no chance of a virus being the cause.

Can anyone here help me? Im at the point where im going to join an amish community so i can never see a computer again so even the most basic ideas are worth my time! Absolutely desperate.

  onthelimit1 10:24 24 Sep 2015

I'd say coincidence, and guess that there is a problem with the PSU on the new computer

  terarded 10:28 24 Sep 2015


Id consider that possibiliy too but on the previous conputer i actually replaced the psu a couple times and the problem always resurfaced.

  spuds 10:37 24 Sep 2015

Considering that its seems an intermittent thing,on two different computers, have you checked your home power supply, like a surge protector,power point plug/socket or for a cable/fuse problem?.

  terarded 10:42 24 Sep 2015

@Spuds I am by no means knowledgeable on electrical topics but i can say that since it has happened between two houses that eliminates a number of possibilities. I have tried replacing all power related cords and i have tried both with and without my surge protector. I havent with this computer but when the problem first occurred in my old computer i tried it over a number of wall sockets with no solution. I hope this information helps :S

  spuds 10:57 24 Sep 2015

"i bought a fresh ready-made pc."

Depending on the above, you might need to contact the retailer/seller and see what they have to say, especially if its a pending warranty issue.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 24 Sep 2015

it would turn on for 2 seconds, lose power, and turn on again for 2 seconds in an endless loop

symptoms of either a bad PSU or overheat due to dust and fluff.

Where is the PC located? if on carpet or encased in cupboard could be airflow / dust problems.

untick the thread if its not yet been answered as other people may not bother viewing threds that have been ticked.

  terarded 11:23 24 Sep 2015

@fruitbat Im careful when it comes to that stuff, its not on a carpet its on my desk with nothibg near it completely open to airflow. Pmus its not very old so it hasnt had much time to accumulate dust. Im doing all this on my phone and it wont let me untick it for some reason :( ill keep trying.

just an update on the situation; i gave it a slight smack and it turned on. If the past is any indication its going to happen again so if this helps with diagnosis id still like to know the answer.

  spuds 11:54 24 Sep 2015

"i gave it a slight smack and it turned on."

Which seems to suggest a loose connection, joint or similar.

Again I suggest if its as new as suggested, get in touch with the retailer/seller, for their advice. Especially if a warranty claim might be pending.

  BRYNIT 13:03 24 Sep 2015

Just a thought. Have you checked the power button on the case. A piece of plastic that springs the button back sometimes breaks making the button stick. This will prevents the computer switching on or it will switch on and then off.

  terarded 13:26 24 Sep 2015

@brynit I can confirm that the old one didnt have this problem but didnt test with the new one Due to the shape of the button the only way to fiddle with it would be to take the case off and im unwilling to do that since it voids the warranty :P

@spuds Yea that seems logical, ill give them a call in the morning and perhaps even take it in. Im going to go ahead and mark yours as the answer since i probably wont need a more specific answer after getting in touch with the retailer.

Thank you everyone for your help; its greatly appreciated.

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