All the more reason to disable Messenger service!!

  Gaz 25 19:16 16 Sep 2003

The messenger service does NOT affect MSN messenger chat programs.

It is a service that windows recently introduced with win NT to XP.

It is a hidden program that listens on a port, it can be used to display advert pop ups.

NOW there is a virus that can attach itself to the messenger pop-up.

click here to download protection.

More info:

The first thing to understand is that the Windows Messenger Service is completely different from, and not in any way related to, "MSN Messenger", "Windows Messenger", or any other well-known instant messaging system. Therefore, disabling the Windows Messenger service will have no effect upon your use of any other instant messaging applications. They will continue to work without trouble.

If you ever see legitimate pop-up warnings or announcements with the phrase "Messenger Service" in the title bar, you might have an application running in your system that relies upon the built-in Messenger Service for the delivery of its information. But every application we know of displays its own pop-up alert dialogs, and we're not aware of any programs that rely upon the Messenger Service. It's just a theoretical possibility. If it turns out that you do need to have the Messenger Service running, "Shoot The Messenger" will easily re-enable and start the service.

What is the Messenger Service?

Starting back with Windows NT, and carried forward into all subsequent operating systems, Microsoft included a simple way for users on a network to send each other short "pop-up" messages. Network administrators might have used it to notify everyone of system-wide events. It was a nice idea, though in its original form it never caught on widely. There is a standard command line program "Net Send", that can be used to generate these messages, and there's also a GUI (Graphical User Interface) application to do the same.

You probably didn't know any of that was there, and neither do most people. It's a never-used feature that has been replaced by the various well known, popular, and feature-rich instant messaging systems. But, like a great many other "legacy" features of Windows, since it was once included, it survives in case anyone who once used it might still need it.

  y_not 19:22 16 Sep 2003

Can you repeat the link - doesn't seem to work

Thanks for the advice

  mikef. 20:24 16 Sep 2003

Try click here to get to the download page

  Kitz E Kat 20:30 16 Sep 2003

Will a firewall not stop access ??


Kitz E Kat

  Gaz 25 11:00 17 Sep 2003

It is probable a firewall with stop this, but I have known for these pop-ups to pop-up even so.

  SheffieldSpy 11:43 17 Sep 2003

You can do something similar in Windows XP when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del and have multiple active users.

  SheffieldSpy 11:45 17 Sep 2003

Does Microsoft know about, or verify that you can send viruses via the Messenger service? Do they have their own Windows Update for it??

  Gaz 25 13:03 17 Sep 2003

No windows do not have an update, as it is up to you to protect yourself.

Microsoft are aware though.

  Gaz 25 13:06 17 Sep 2003

It is a known security problem with windows NT and above.

  Quiller. 13:21 17 Sep 2003

Link worked perfectly well for me. Downloaded in about 2sec's on a 56k.

Messenger service now disabled.:)


  Jester2K II 13:30 17 Sep 2003

Stop Windows Messenger Spam - click here

Come on - support your local Jester....

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