All lower case for E-mail addresses - right?

  jack 20:34 10 Mar 2005

We should all know that one.
So when an aquaintance gave me her E-address my eyebrows rose when I saw it began with a [email protected]
Er .. is this right?
Absolutely she said.
OK sez me.
So I sent her one, via Thunderbird
It bounced [not surprizingly]
but here is the rub
When I examined the returned massage it came back
as having been sent with a small 'b' and therefore not known.

I wonder if Thunderbirds auto spell check is being a little bit too clever?
What do you think.

  Technotiger 20:37 10 Mar 2005

Hi, sometimes Cap's are included in e-mail addresses, though as you say, normally small's.


  Happy Soul 20:45 10 Mar 2005

It doesn't make any difference if you type in caps, it will arrive the other end in lower case.

Try sending one to yourself using capital letters. All will be revealed.

  esbe 20:45 10 Mar 2005

Just sent myself one in Caps & works ok. Like you I also thought email addies were only lower case. Hmmm
OE 5.5.


  Magik ®© 20:48 10 Mar 2005

good grief, so did I, we live and learn.

  Happy Soul 20:51 10 Mar 2005

I've learnt that one by my mistakes. And er, I've made quite a few over the years.

  about:blank 20:51 10 Mar 2005

Its probabbly of very little use to you, but its to do with the way emails are processed.
Telnet, (aka port 23) which is a process of sending emails, only works in lowwercase, hence your email sent in uppercase working. Before its sent any uppercase letters are transfered to lower case letters.
useless info, but info nontheless

  Happy Soul 21:04 10 Mar 2005

Thanks for that about:blank. I knew it worked but hadn't a clue why.

  jack 11:02 11 Mar 2005

I repeated the exercise and sent it this time via
OE6 - nothing has come back --- yet
We shall see.

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