all lit up but not working

  tizerlily 13:58 29 Oct 2006

I switched my computer off last night all was well ,,,switched on today and it wont work, everything seems to start up but then nothing happens I have checked all connections anyone any ideas ,, i am computer illiterate so have no idea computer about 11 months old,, windows xp home edition

  Diodorus Siculus 14:04 29 Oct 2006

Do you have access to another monitor - it may be that has failed?

Do any lights come on on the monitor?

What happens if you unplug the monitor cable and press the monitor powerswitch? It may say something to the effect of "no cable connection".

Give some more details of the PC.

To be honest though, as it is less than a year old, I'd try the supplier first off.

  birdface 14:06 29 Oct 2006

Hi, You never switched the monitor off bye any chance, Sometime I do that before I go to bed, So the light does not annoy me,Then forget to switch it back on in morning,

  tizerlily 14:56 29 Oct 2006

no monitor is on it says no signal and no i dont have access to another one,and i have unplugged everything and tried,, but thanks for suggestions

  Jak_1 15:02 29 Oct 2006

Do you have a graphics card or onboard graphics?

  Forum Editor 15:11 29 Oct 2006

give a single beep as it starts?

If it does, that means that it is about to POST (Power On Self Test), and the chances are that you'll hear the hard drive ticking away as it loads Windows. If that happens, and then everything goes quiet, the cause of the problem is almost certainly a component - probably related to the graphics card. The fact that you're getting the 'no signal' message on the screen tells you that the monitor isn't receivng anything from the computer.

Please double-check the lead that runs between monitor and computer, and make sure all connections are firmly seated. The next job after that would be to open up the case and check that the graphics card hasn't somehow become loose in its slot, but you probably don't want to do that.

  tizerlily 15:25 29 Oct 2006

thats exactly what it does beeps you think all is going ahead then nothing.. I have checked and double checked all leads :(

  tizerlily 15:30 29 Oct 2006

I have a graphics card apparently!!

  Jak_1 15:30 29 Oct 2006

Is it a single beep or more than one beep?

  tizerlily 15:32 29 Oct 2006

single only

  Fingees 15:32 29 Oct 2006

On Post. when booting up, does it give one beep, then shortly after another beep at the end, or does it give a series of beeps..
If it gives a series like, so many short or long, post back as it will help the diagnosis.

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