All i want is a better wireless router!!

  Currantbun 00:11 26 Jun 2010

Hey Guys

At present i have a sky phone line and a sky 'netgear' wireless router. I get poor signal at the other end of the house and none in the garden. I recently purchased a new wireless router and after discussions with the technical departments of both parties i discovered that sky is a 'closed' system and i cannot used anyone else's router, even as a repeater. Surely this cannot be.

I have done a search for this problem, but i am not that technical. Ideally i want a new router and a repeater for the other end of the house.

Possibly the easiest solution would be those 'powerline' routers. Are they any good?

Many thanks.....

PS. I must be wireless and my computer is a Mac (don't hold it against me).

  mgmcc 08:31 26 Jun 2010

Although you have to use Sky's router to connect to their service, I cannot see any reason why you cannot plug either a "Cable/DSL Router" (which *DOESN'T* incorporate a modem) or a Wireless Access Point into one of the Sky router's LAN ports. If it can allocate addresses by DHCP to connected computers, then it can allocate them to a secondary router's WAN port or a Wireless Access Point.

Alternatively, as you've suggested, Powerline adapters might be a solution, at least as far as the "other end of the house" is concerned. Connect one by ethernet cable to the Sky router and use a WiFi Powerline adapter at the other end where wireless connectivity is required. The fact that you're using a Mac is immaterial.

  Miké 22:51 28 Jun 2010

I use the sky router with wireless turned off, connected to a draft-N spec cable router to give greater wireless range/speed.

As far as I can see this does not break any Sky T&Cs.

  Chip1900 22:47 29 Jun 2010

A few alternatives for you to try:-

1. Try repositioning the Netgear router to provide better wireless coverage. This will require trial and error.

2. Log into the Netgear interface and try changing the Channel (frequency) that the Netgear is operating on. You may be suffering some local interference on a particular frequency which is currently reducing the range. This will require a bit of trial and error.

3. You could try replacing the standard aerials on Sky's supplied Netgear router with higher gain aerials such as those supplied by Draytek (click here)

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