Is this all I need?

  ivesy 17:17 12 Apr 2005

I have a desktop PC with a Wanadoo ADSL connection to the internet.

I'm going to get a Laptop which has an Integrated wireless 802.11b/g LAN.

I had assumed I'd just need to buy a router probably the Netgear wireless 54mbps and that would be it! But I was reading an article on this router that said amongst the system requirements that I would also need a " 2.4 GHz wireless adapter or Ethernet adapter and RJ45 cable for each computer"

what exactly is this? I just want to be able to use the Broadband connection on the laptop around the house? Also if I need one where to I get it from? Any help as usual would be greatly appreciated!

  Gaz_dc 21:11 12 Apr 2005

What you have read is true. But as the “2.4 Ghz wireless adapter” is built in, that is all you will need to connect the laptop to the internet. How do you currently connect your pc to your broadband modem? If it is by ethernet cable, then you are all set. If you connect via usb, then you will need to get a patch cable (the RJ45 is the connector on each end, like a slightly larger phone jack) to connect to the router.

HOWEVER, you could also add a wireless card to the pc itself. Taking my setup as an example, I have an NTL cable broadband modem connected to a Netgear WGR614 54 Mbps Wireless Router. These are both downstairs. My PC is upstairs and connects to the router with a Netgear WG311 Wireless PCI Adapter. My wife has a laptop with a wireless card and we can share the broadband connection and resources etc.

  TomJerry 21:18 12 Apr 2005

get a wireless router with ADSL modem build-in, and your current desktop PC needs to have a Ethernet (/Lan/RJ45/Network) port to link to the router. It it does not have one, you need to fit one yourself, the cost is about £3 click here

A cheap alternative is to get a wireless adaptor for your desktop PC (either PCI £20.12 click here or USB £19.08 click here) and establish a peer to peer network between desktop and laptop and able internet connection sharing in desktop, the laptop access net through desktop

the router solution is better

  Forum Editor 23:50 12 Apr 2005

If you buy a wireless router (and I agree that you should get one with a built-in ADSL modem) each computer will need to have a wireless network adapter. This can take the form of a PCI card or external USB adapter for the PC - your laptop will come with its own integrated wireless adapter. In addition, one of the computers - and it doesn't matter which one - must have a conventional LAN port which you use to set up the router for the first time. Once you've done that you can disconnect the LAN cable between computer and router.

Your new laptop will almost certainly have an ordinary LAN connector in addition to its wireless adapter, so you can use that machine to set up the router if there's no LAN port on the PC.

  TonyM 14:25 13 Apr 2005

If you go down the easiest (and cheapest) route , which will only need you to put a single PCI Wireless card into your desktop, as TomJerry says- make sure you select "Ad-Hoc" mode in the wireless software which tells the machine to look for another computer and not a router (which needs "infrastructure" mode.)

I use this set up with a Wannadoo broadband connection (and I paid less than £15 for my PCI card), and it works very well indeed.

The only limitiation is that the desktop needs to be switched on for the laptop to access the network, which is not the case if you use the router.

  ivesy 18:27 13 Apr 2005

Firstly I really do appreciate the help here this is definatley THE place to get advice from!

I think I'd prefer to get an external USB adapter for the PC I'm assuming the Laptop (an Amilo Pro V2020) has a LAN port and get a wirelss router with built in MODEM (though I'm not entirley sure why this is a better option than buying a wireless router and using my USB connected speedtouch modem?)

So will that be it or am I missing something?

  TomJerry 18:54 13 Apr 2005

your usb modem connect to usb, so they cannot mary

  ivesy 19:00 14 Apr 2005

Right I 'll look to getting a router with built in modem. any ideas which one and where from?

  TomJerry 09:23 15 Apr 2005

D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbp Wireless ADSL Router w/DWL-G122 USB Adapter £64.57 click here

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