All files in a picture folder is becoming public!

  Revi 23:57 08 Oct 2005

In one of my websites comprising a few web pages I had a page showing some product pictures which showed up without problems. Now I want to add some new product pictures. First I tried to insert the new pictures in the existing photo gallery. The thumb nails are showing up well but if I click on any one of them the correspondent picture enlarges and on the upper left hand corner appears a few icons and if I click on the last of the 4 icons the entire “my pictures” folder in my computer becomes public. To avoid this I totally deleted the page containing my old photo gallery and created a new page with a new photo gallery. But the problem remains. Could this have anything to do with my recent formatting of my hard disk? Earlier I had 2 partitions C(NTFS) & D(FAT) and now I just have NTFS in both C & D.

  Revi 00:01 09 Oct 2005

Sorry, forgot to add that the site was built with FP2003.

  Revi 11:11 09 Oct 2005

Can anyone suggest a solution pease?

  Revi 11:22 09 Oct 2005

The title should read "All files in a picture folder are.......". I was perhaps sleepy when I posted the thread!

  Forum Editor 11:43 09 Oct 2005

if so, post back with a link, so we can take a look at the problem.

  Revi 12:53 09 Oct 2005

Thanks for your reply. Yes, as my site was visible on the internet and open to the public to see even my private photographs, I, after repeated attempts to correct the mistake, was forced to delete this page from the web server. Now my site is without the page (404) giving the product pictures. Regards.

  PurplePenny 19:03 09 Oct 2005

Can I just clarify something. Are the private photos *only* on your PC? If someone went to the photo gallery on your site they could gain access to the photos on your PC, is that what was happening?

Ahh ... wait... the icons that showed up would be the Windows image icons. I don't know which of them you were clicking on but maybe it was just Windows trying to *save* the image to your "My Pictures" folder.

  PurplePenny 19:49 09 Oct 2005

I've just checked and the last icon is "Open 'My Pictures' folder". It wasn't making your private pictures public. Anyone else who got those icons would be looking at their *own* 'My Pictures' folder, not yours.

  Revi 20:42 09 Oct 2005

Thanks, but in my case through my website when I am on the internet I am able to go to almost all the files in my hard disk just by opening 1 picture.

  Taran 21:35 09 Oct 2005

That's because you've linked to files on your hard disk and the published web page contains the link back to your computer drive(s).

In FrontPage you should left click once on the folder you wish to import images into (usually your images folder) then click on File, Import, click on thr Add File button and use the file browser to find and add the file to the list you wish to import.

Once the import has been done, you make your links to the file(s) inside the web root folder which,in the above example, would be the images folder inside your website. Then, once you make your pages and publish them online, the web pages and corresponding images all go up to your web server space and the links point to files WITHIN your website and not on files left behind in various locations on your computer hard drive.

Get into the habit of importing any file you want to link to into the web root folder. If you offer PDF or Zip files for download, make a folder inside the web root in FrontPage and call it downloads (note the lower case name). Now say you put a file called brochure.pdf and a Zip archive called into your download folder. Linking to them in FrontPage would point to the files like this:




This is instead of having a link on a live page pointing to an image file located in my My Pictures folder, which in my case would result in a hyperlink pointing to C:\Documents and Settings\Taran\My Documents\My Pictures

So you need to have all the files inside your website on your PC and not dotted about in folders in your My Documents folder.

Think of your website root folder as a filing cabinet where all the content for your site is. Linking to files outside of that cabinet is difficult, or (almost) impossible if the target file is left on your own computer.

  Taran 21:41 09 Oct 2005

To be absolutely clear, and to echo Penny, if I made a link to a file in My Pictures, which is a folder all Windows XP users have by default in their My Documents folder, and then I publish the web page with that link and I click the link I wuld see the contents of My Pictures because that's where the link points.

Unless you have your My Pictures folder shared online to all users then another visitor to your site, when they click the same link, would get an error page, or the contents of their own My Pictures folder.

Think of the example I gave above:

C:\Documents and Settings\Taran\My Documents\My Pictures

Unless someone else happens to be called Taran, and unless they have their Windows user account named Taran as well, the location of their My Pictures folder could be:

C:\Documents and Settings\Penny\My Documents\My Pictures


C:\Documents and Settings\Revi\My Documents\My Pictures

So if the link on your page points to your My Pictures folder, Penny would see hers and not yours, I would see mine and not yours, and so on.

It's good practice to get into the habit of importing ALL required files into your web root before creating links to them. This helps avoid problems of this very nature where broken or incorrect links are the by-product of linking to files lying here and their on your own personal PC.


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