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All Browsers crashing or freezing

  Hetti 12:39 29 Apr 2016

I have Dell Inspiron One core i7,2600s CPU,8GB.Its about 4 years old now, about 3 months ago I started having problems with Mozilla Firefox browser continually crashing or freezing I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still the problem was there, so I gave up my favourite browser and used IE 11 and Edge instead, but now IE11 is doing the same thing, I tried Edge and that went OK for about 30 min then froze, there was a message from Microsoft saying I was low on memory (that is the first and only message I have had). I notice when I try to use IE11 my PC makes quite a loud sound (like a whirring) as if it is struggling. I also tried Chrome but could not play games I like on Facebook, Also Avant (I think that was the name) but that was no good for my games either. I don't like Edge browser (even if it was working OK)at all and would like to be able to go back to Firefox. Can anyone suggest a fix for me please?

  difarn 17:44 29 Apr 2016

Have you tried resetting the TCP/IP stack to reset the PC's Internet Protocol. You can either use the automatic fix tool from the Microsoft website or follow the instructions to do it manually.

click here you are receiving a "low on memory" error message, I'm wondering if your PC has a problem with RAM. This PCA article explains how you can check this.

click here


  Hetti 18:48 29 Apr 2016

difarn I did as you suggested, TCP/IP reset Internet protocol found and fixed two errors. Memory check found no problems, I thought I would wait till tomorrow or maybe later? to reinstall Firefox, to see if Edge and IE 11 behave any better.

  difarn 19:42 29 Apr 2016

Good plan. Fingers crossed.

  Hetti 11:31 02 May 2016

difarn Installed Firefox it went OK for one day then this morning Its making loud whirring and then froze...... I got "Unresponsive script error"

  Govan1x 12:11 02 May 2016

Don't suppose you have tried running malwarebytes to see if it finds any problems.

I tried Edge for about 5 minutes then dumped it And only use IE as a back up.

And I would recommend that you have adblock plus running on it.

In Firefox have you tried updating your add ons as sometimes it disables them if they are not updated regularly.

  Hetti 13:12 02 May 2016

Govan1x I did scan (malwarebytes) found one PUP removed that. I installed adblock plus for Firefox, the site I used said "check back later for adblock for Edge" I only have two add ons they were updated 30 April 2016. I agree with your opinion on EDGE I really dislike it, I use IE11 more than Edge.

  Govan1x 14:00 02 May 2016

Have you tried pressing help.Troubleshooting information.Then press refresh firefox.

If that does not help try click on start with add ons disabled.Or click on Firefox health report and see if it shows any problems.

Firefox is version 46.0 is that the one you are using.

I usually download Adblock plus from the add on page. Get add ons.

  Hetti 14:08 02 May 2016

Govan1x Yes 46.0 I tried is the version Im using,I have tried the refesh Firefox suggestion, Ill leave it at that to see it makes any difference, if not Ill try the other steps you list. I didnt even know about the options you suggest...............thanks

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