All 6 USB ports will not pick up USB stick

  Zebrapec 15:21 08 Oct 2006

Hi, I am trying to transfer some data using a PNY 1G Flash stick that I have loaded some info onto, but the other computer a '270 e Machine'will not recognise the USB stick, my laptop will though.
Has anyone any ideas please?

  Technotiger 15:29 08 Oct 2006

Hi, what OS on 270 e Machine?

  Zebrapec 15:40 08 Oct 2006

Technotiger, it is win xp home edition

  Technotiger 15:52 08 Oct 2006

Hi, have you checked that USB has not been disabled in the BIOS?

  Technotiger 15:53 08 Oct 2006

Sorry, I should have first asked if other usb devices work ok on that machine?

  Zebrapec 16:06 08 Oct 2006

Ok thanks, I will check in BIOS and let you know

  Zebrapec 22:06 09 Oct 2006

Big problems I think, in the BIOS there is USB Legacy support but no USB and also the speakers will not work, i.e no sound

  it_girl 22:22 09 Oct 2006

Check in the Device Manager that there is no problem with the drivers.Sounds like drivers when you say no sound.

To be honest eMachines are big trouble especially when it comes to Bios update support.Select default setting in Bios,Save then Exit.
Make sure you use the USB ports at rear I/o plate of pc.

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