Alienware Computers.

  BAC1-11 10:57 17 Sep 2004

My son is looking at buying one of these for gaming. Are they any good?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:00 17 Sep 2004

Good, but expensive. They sell on the Stella Lager premise:

reassuringly expensive!

  Baledor 13:20 17 Sep 2004

List the components from the current power PC number 1 and an alienware PC, there is a (on average) £500 discrepancy, and it is hard to see where Alienware get the pricing figure from on their systems.

  Djohn 13:35 17 Sep 2004

will be my next PC. Yes, they are expensive but from reading the website many times over the past eighteen months they appear to be extreamly well put together with a back up service second to none.

You are paying for things that are not strictly necessary such as the custom case and superb paint finish but the items that do matter such as all the hardware is not only top class and branded quality names, it is tested to work together without conflict. If nothing else, it's the shear visual appeal that also attracts me to them. January 05 can't come soon enough. :o)

  Baledor 17:01 30 Sep 2004

I am now in the market for a desktop as I am getting rid of my laptop, guess I wanna play Far Cry! I have been checking numerous web sites, reviews and promotions and I just cannot concur with DJohns' response, bang for buck Alienware are overpriced!

I took the current A list components and totted them up, Alienware come in at just under £1000 more expensive for a comparable system.

To say that Alienware test there systems for full compatibility shows a degree of naivety with respect to their marketing. Every computer manufacturer places the same drivel on their web site.

I don't care what colour the case is or how many Alien pre-fixed utilities they chuck in, wanted or un-wanted; I'd rather have the spare cash in my pocket or spend it on a larger screen, digi-camera or something. Not pay for a whim induced, over-priced, not so long in the tooth product. Alienware have managed, and fair play to them, to elevate themselves to Diodorus Siculuss' 'Stella Artios' status of computer manufacturing, I don't know how, but they have. Evidently people do shop with their eyes, more fool them...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:13 30 Sep 2004

I despair at Baledor's ill-informed comments. 'To say that Alienware test there systems for full compatibility shows a degree of naivety with respect to their marketing. Every computer manufacturer places the same drivel on their web site'...and you can prove this? I assume that you have bought 3 or 4 Alienware computers and are basing your comments on fact rather than envy? A Ka and a Bentley do the same job and I think I can guess which one he would go for.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:17 30 Sep 2004

You may also care to got to click here where you will find reports from people that know what they are talking about and have experience of Alienware and many others instead of drivel.

I now understand why the best British designers leg it to Italy ASAP.


  Noelg23 17:32 30 Sep 2004

Yes they look good but for the price...I mean muggins here can build a system similar to those for less...and it can last longer...I have my system for nearly a year now and I know it can go on for at least 4 more but being a PC Tech I am wanting to upgrade sometime after Xmas or New Year. the cases are great but like I said the price is way out of this world...

  Djohn 19:49 30 Sep 2004

Thank you for correcting Baledor. I am neither a fool or a person easily drawn into buying a designer name. Function and reliability is the most important thing on my list then comes a little bit of style or pleasing design.

I have a perfectly good PC at the moment, [2 years old] it does everything I ask from it and more with 100% reliability. It's just that I've reached that stage of life where my next PC will most probably be my last purchase of same and through hard saving and doing without other things, plus the generosity of my Son I will be in a position to purchase an Alien.

I'm not particularly fond of flashing lights and digital displays on the front of a tower but the shape and paint finish of the Alien case does appeal to me, couple that with the top quality hardware and correct matching then configuration of the Hardware/software seals the purchase.


I am aware that other suppliers will match a similar specification to the Alien at a lower cost but would be very interested in seeing your statement of £1000 less posted in the forum pointing me to said supplier and model No. of machine. Have you carefully researched your figures or is it a sort of "Ballpark figure" comparison?

It appears from your post that you've already "Done the figures" so it would save me a lot of time in re-doing the research and I will be most grateful.

Regards. dj

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:08 30 Sep 2004

Personally I am not interested at all in gaming as I find it treble dull.......but it is hard to find a bad review about alienware and they do look superb if you are into styling rather than a dull, same as everyone else yawnbox.

Computers are very similar to high-end Hi-Fi, once you get to a certain level any extra embellishments cost shed loads. Alienware are not huge box shifters,a la Compaq, Medions etc., aim at a VERY narrow market and their prices will therefore be higher, this really is basic economics as 'any fule no'.

Alienware have been going for a long time in a market that thrives on cutting costs. It does not take a genius to realise that perhaps they are doing something right. Some people need to get their heads round the fact that there are those that have no interest in 'assembling' a computer and want someone with a lot of experience to build them a specialised one or get a general computer from PCW or wherever.

If I wanted to I could service my own car...I do not want to and I have the money to pay a specialist to do it for me. Same with Alienware, you could try to assemble a computer but as it is very specialised I would think that most assemblers may find problems...or you could leave it to a company that has excellent reviews and have probably forgotten more than some on this forum know.

You only live once, this is not a rehearsal; according to all reports, you are unable to take cash with you so you might as well get what you want and stuff compromise and penny-pinching.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:10 30 Sep 2004

ps...I seem to remember a debate about self assemble or buy using teh Medion as an example and IIRC there was little or no differnce in price so I am dying to see where the £1000 has gone.


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