Aliens Vs Predator Problem

  [DELETED] 19:23 02 Nov 2003

I just bought this game yesterday as it says it works on Windows XP, installed it today and when I choose what species I want to be it plays the opening movie and after that it go back to the desktop to change the screen resolution and then back to the progress loading bar, it gradually goes across then it seems to stop and it sounds as if the game has crashed during loading because the sound is skipping.

I pressed ctrl+alt+del and it said the program is "Not Responding"

Anyone have this game working on their XP System?

I was wondering it keeps on crashing because it has to go back to the desktop to change the resolution but I cannot change to lower resolution by myself, the lowest I can select is 800X600.

Also after installation is said about installing DirectX 6 but I already have a later version of DirectX and don't want to downgrade just for 1 game and I wouldn't be able to play my newer games anyway.

I guess I have to take it back, it only cost me ?3.99 on the Xpolsive range and I thought it was a good bargain as I heard how good the game was.

I suppose I would have better luck with the newer Aliens Vs Predator 2.

  [DELETED] 19:34 02 Nov 2003

I have both this game and AVP2 running in xp pro with no problems.
Tell me, when the move part plays, do you get sound?
Also, what video card are you running? Im sure its a game that uses opengl instead of directx and the standard xp video drivers do not have opengl in them. Go to the web site of your video card and download the drivers they recommend for XP.

  [DELETED] 20:21 02 Nov 2003

I am running a GeForce2 GTS graphics card using the following driver WindowsXP Detonator XP Version 28.32.

Yes, I get sound during the movies. It just seems to mess up when it goes back to the desktop to lower the resolution and goes back to loading in the lever, it seems to work ok but then the loading progress meter stops and the sound seems to be skipping like a scratched record.

  powerless 20:30 02 Nov 2003

You need the following Windows Update:

click here

  [DELETED] 02:03 03 Nov 2003

I uninstalled the NVidia graphics driver Detonator XP Version 28.32 so i can install the latest drivers, before I installed them though I thought I try and play AvP but it only went as far and the Rebellion logo just after the Fox interactive opening before giving up loading the rest and going back to the desktop. I will try tomorrow to see if the game works with the latest drivers and if not it looks like I have to take two games back both AvP and Tiger Woods 2004, at least I can get Tiger Woods on PS2.

I will try and get hold of AvP2 at least its a newer game and might have better chance of it working.

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