Aldi/Gericom Ext HDD Failure & Aftersales Lies

  j'arrow 17:08 19 Nov 2004

Bought the 160GB external HDD from my local Aldi after being 'sucked' in by the press ad... Initially I was very pleased with the performance and quality of the unit. I bought the unit to act as a removable data store - and transfered ALL my personal data to it, therefore should I suffer a computer failure - just buy a new PC, plug in the firewire and there's my stuff.

The unit failed after 3 weeks - I had to paid £20 to send it back to Germany under warrenty EXPRESSLY EXPLAINED THAT I NEEDED DATA RECOVERY. I phoned 2 weeks later and was told "most if not all" the data was secure. Returned today - blank drive :(

Phoned to complain and was told that they had no record that I required data recovery - even though I had stuck several large notes all over the box and case stating the situation, as well as the initial phone call - and that any chances now were zero.

Very very poor indeed !!! Be warned !!!

  john-232317 17:14 19 Nov 2004

Your contract was with the Aldi store where you bought it not Germany, It was up to them to sort it out for you.

  j'arrow 16:40 24 Nov 2004

The *new* unit they sent me has failed after 5 days !!! DON'T BUY GERICOM PRODUCTS !!!

  spuds 20:22 24 Nov 2004

Your contract is with Aldi not Gericom. You should have returned the unit back to the Aldi store for a refund or replacement, it is their duty under consumer law to provide this service.

Regarding the saving of data, you will find that most if not all manufacturers/repairers will state that the loss of data is your responsibilty, they will not be liable for any loss or recovery.

  smokingbeagle 20:46 24 Nov 2004

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I must say that apart from the unwelcome gift, my external HD seems very good.

  j'arrow 20:51 24 Nov 2004

Yes matey I run AVG... I was aware of the unit being possibly infected - so I virus scanned it and then formated to NTFS - taking the unit back tomorrow to ALDI : I'll let you know what happened... Cheers

  Forum Editor 01:58 25 Nov 2004

your contract is with the supplier from whom you bought the product - not with the manufacturer. In the case of the supplier - they have a liability to replace or repair the product, but in neither case do they have any obligation to protect or retain data files (or software) that you have written to the drive.

You now appear to have got yourself into the position where you now intend to return to ALDI with a faulty item you didn't purchase from them, and I presume you have made prior arrangements to do that? In some cases retailers do suggest that consumers send faulty products direct to the makers, because it can speed up the process of replacement/repair. You don't say if this was the case in the first instance of drive failure, but it may have been.

A final point - you're very new to our forum, but please be aware that we do not permit threads which incite others to boycott a supplier. Your comment "DON'T BUY GERICOM PRODUCTS !!!" breaks this rule, and under normal circumstances it would have lead to the deletion of your post. Additionally, your thread title makes an allegation "Aftersales Lies" which may be libellous, and once again, that would normally have lead to the deletion of the thread.

I'm leaving everything as it is on this occasion as you weren't to know, but please take care in future.

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