Aldi Medion PC

  georgeyoung 09:41 28 Mar 2003

Aldi's published pamphlet available at their stores states that PC Ad as reviewed the Medion PC that is on sale from this Thursday 3rd April.

Can't find this online, why?

  MAJ 09:50 28 Mar 2003

Which is on sale from this Thursday 3rd April, georgeyoung, the PC or the mag?

  MElliott1963 10:05 28 Mar 2003

I got the leaflet through the door yesterday and it's actually Computer Active Magazine that is reviewing the PC in issue 134, which I think will be out next week.

I am very tempted by this PC as the Specs are excellent for the price. Has anyone got any experience with Medion PC's? All the components are from recognised brands so should be OK.

By the way georgeyoung, if you are interested in buying one, you'd better note the small print that says cash or debit cards only - no cheques or credit cards will be accepted.

  MAJ 10:12 28 Mar 2003

There's a thread in Consumerwatch about it. click here

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