video 09:33 24 Nov 2003

Hello people

I've been looking for a good machine for quite a long time know and stumbled across this Medion 8080XL for sale through Aldi form the 27th of November. I am aware that the monitor and speakers are not included but is it worth £850?

Real 3.0Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Processor Titanium MD 8080XL £849.99
Intel Pentium 4 Processor • Hyper-Threading-Technology • 800 MHz Front Side Bus • MULTI-Format Pioneer DVD/CD Re-Writer DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD-R, CD-RW • Graphics Card, ATi Radeon 9800XL, 128MB DDR SDRAM 256 Bit Memory Interface • DVD-ROM 16x Sony • 160GB Hard disk capacity, Super fast 7200 R.P.M. ultra ATA100 interface • 512MB DDR 400MHz • Stereo TV, FM-Radio card • Winner of the Reddot Design Award 2003, 7x USB 2.0 • FireWire/IEEE 1394, 1 x front, 1 x rear FireWire • 6-Channel Audio, for Digital Home Movie Entertainment and Optimized Sound, Dolby certified PowerDVD included • Network Controller on board, Fast Ethernet 10/100 MBit • 56K V.90 x PCI Data/Fax Modem Including Telephone Cable • Wireless WLAN, 54 MBit/s IEEE 802.11g 802.11b compatible, Wireless network access* With built-in Wireless LAN, the MD 8080 is well equipped for the future. Using the latest WLAN-technology (802.11g) instant networking is possible without messy cabling • Remote control • Wireless keyboard • Wireless mouse • Manufacturer’s superb three year warranty and aftersales service.



  Gongoozler 10:24 24 Nov 2003

Aldi computer bargains are generally good value. I entered the name "Medion 8080XL" in Google, and selected the translation of the page at pcpraxis-networld. The reviewer seemed to be quite impressed. Whether it is good value, you can best determine by comparing the price with a similarly pecified machine from another supplier. Aldi can of course give good prices because they don't have to give any backup service, this will be supplied by a subcontractor.

  critic-al 10:29 24 Nov 2003

Not bad at all,have seen better deals at PC fairs, but the 3 year warranty looks good,others have posted this info from Aldi, but have been disappointed at not being able to purchase,due to limited supply,
good luck

  pcgal 10:41 24 Nov 2003

Guys I dont want to put u off but here goes. I work as a technical courier for a company that has a contract with aldi for delivering and repairing these medion range of computers.
We've lost count of how many motherboards we've had to replace in these systems. The motherboards are cheap & nasty !! full stop.

Video take my advice and spend that sort of money elsewhere...Evesham systems are highly rated at work..... These aldi computers seem to be great value for money but after what I've seen of thanks

  video 10:41 24 Nov 2003

Thanks for your quick help.

Toys are Us are selling something similar more or less the video card which is a 5600 instead of 9800, I will mull over that.



  Stuartli 11:01 24 Nov 2003

There are numerous other threads on this subject posted in the last few days.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:15 24 Nov 2003

There components look good on paper and a visual outside look is fine BUT the type of Intergrated/Combination cards within the case are poor.

Try and buy a replacement part after 3 years for the Modem for an eg;, without loosing your Audio or front port's. They need to be imported if you can find the place in europe.

Pre-installed software, need I say more.

  video 11:17 24 Nov 2003

Say more, I am listening

  pcgal 11:40 24 Nov 2003

Video I just prefer building my own so I can buy quality components from reputable manufacturers that are easily replaced at a minutes notice if something does fail.

I would advise having a system built up to your specific requirements by a reputable computer shop if you dont fancy having a go yourself.
Why go the p4 route.....look at AMD processors...I'd recommend the spec of my pc....xp2400/MSI k7 lsr motherboard/120gig harddrive/512MB memory/ASUS geforce4 TI 4200 graphics card/cd drive/cd writer for about £320
And remember all parts come with guarantee so save some money....pcgal

  video 11:45 24 Nov 2003

I see

I am not knowledgeable enough to build or have my own built, I am more into games and want something that will entertain me visually for years to come. Is the video card integrated as well or can it be replaced if necessary?

  TBH1 12:13 24 Nov 2003

only the sound card is 'on-board' - the graphics card, as you have mentioned, is a 9800xl jobbie. This is a good 'off the shelf' system and you should certainly consider it - -Medion tech support is very good. I know several people with Aldi PC's - - and no one has complained. They do have a 3 year warranty included.

The toysrus one, the £1099 jobbie, also looks good, almost same spec as Aldi, different graphics card and no remote but a wopping 17" TFT - - also interest-free credit if you so need - - walk out the shop with one for a mere £110 deposite. Their £999 PC looks good too, a 15" TFT a slightly different graphics card.

Your never gonna get cheaper than 'build your own' but hey, not everyone wants to or is able to do that.

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