alcholic drink on cheap msi laptop which no longer switches on-whats most likely to be recoverable?

  theDarkness 20:24 03 Feb 2012

I have just of a friend of the family accidentally spilling an alcoholic drink on an MSI laptop. It no longer switches on at all. Nothing. Im not sure if the alcohol or additives in the drink would do the most damage? It will soon be sent away for a repair, so I am wondering exactly what might be recoverable, and whats most likely to definately not be (eg out of motherboard, dvd drive, and hard drive). If its even worth the check up at a repair store in the first place. Thanks for any tips. PS a good rule of thumb - never drink whilst browsing around on your laptop XD

  rickf 20:26 03 Feb 2012

Try drying it with a hair dryer thoroughly and restart when it's cooled down. Have known to work.

  theDarkness 20:45 03 Feb 2012

I only found out yesterday-unfortunately the spillage seems to have happened over a week ago, and they have just left it alone ever since then-they planned to get it fixed in a couple of weeks time. I just thought I would mention on here to find out how damaging alcohol spillage can be (if anyone has had a similar issue happen). They were not there when their friend spilt the drink-Im assuming it was most likely a straight frontal spillage over the keyboard, a fair amount of liquid for the system to switch off as a result, never to switch back on. If I find anymore info Ill post it up. Ive tried google-for a repair concerning regaining all lost hd data, it would seem that could cost them alot in the long run, but I think they did back up occasionally, so may just want a working system and not have alot to lose.

  robin_x 20:54 03 Feb 2012

The drive will likely be fine.

If it has been a week, switch it on.

Keyboard may have duff keys, if it boots up. Turn Windows On-screen keyboard on or plug in an external.

If lptop doesn't boot, hard drive can be removed and plugged into another computer or a USB caddy.

Kepyboards are rinsable and can be refitted when dry. Or buy a new keyboard if necessary.

Spilt drink on laptop

  theDarkness 21:17 03 Feb 2012

If the laptop does not power on at the moment, hopefully that will indicate that the only damage was to their original psu, and everything else is replaceable. Im trying to find out what would be the most likely to have permanent damage-could it simply be the psu?

I have found out I can get hold of an identical laptops power supply-so if their one still doesnt boot up, I was thinking of testing it with their laptop. Might be worth a go, as long as there isnt too much chance of ruining the psu.

  robin_x 21:28 03 Feb 2012

Sorry I didn't see you had tried it (mentioned in the Title)

You need to strip it down really and have a look. Could be liquid around on/off switch terminals.

Is the battery still in? If so, take it out and try on AC only.

I don't think a spill on laptop would have blown the external PSU 'brick'. I assume no liquid got to that. If you do want to try another PSU, don't leave connected longer than 5 seconds, say, if it doesn't boot.

Testing on/off switch may be useful.

  robin_x 21:32 03 Feb 2012

Also do you get any lights at all. On laptop? On PSU? Fan or HDD spin?

  birdface 21:58 03 Feb 2012

Try it with the battery off and just use the power connector.

Or remove that as well and just hold down the start button for 30 seconds then try with just the power connection.

  theDarkness 22:28 03 Feb 2012

Unfortunately all this info is just what I have been told so far,I havent been clear-I havent been able to try it in person myself yet. They cant get it to boot at all, no lights, nothing. Thats a good point about trying it without the battery, aside from trying another psu I cant think what else they could attempt. They claim there is no light at all on the system itself when attempting to boot. The exact same model of power supply I have here for testing on their laptop has its own light, which comes on regardless of whether its connected to any laptop or not too, so ill have to find out if their psu light ups on its own or is a definate dud. Perhaps its a simple case of a ruined cpu and therefore system, but I would like to find out if the hd is likely to be recoverable in the very least. thanks for the replies

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