Alcatel USB modem power loss

  magic 16:39 21 Feb 2003

Just got hooked up to broadband via Pipex last night but am having problem with the Alcatel Speedtouch 330 modem supplied with the package.

Everytime I connect, anytime between 5-20 mins after dial up the modem lights go out, the connection fails, pc freezes and I have to press reset button.
Have heard it might be something to do with fact that this particular modem doesnt have its own power supply and may power down if you are using another USB device - mouse, printer etc.

Has anyone out there experienced same problem , if so how did you solve it?

  leo49 16:44 21 Feb 2003

Does sound like power problems - there's some relevant info and links in this recent thread.

click here


  IZZY 16:48 21 Feb 2003

Hi, Magic.

There is a similar thread posted and answered a few days ago

click here

and you may find a clue to your problem in these postings.

It seems to be all to do with the chipsets and USB drivers but you haven't indicated what your set-up is.

Anywat, have a look; might help.



  Andÿ 16:49 21 Feb 2003

If you use XP check your modem and USB in device manager for 'Power Management' and untick 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'.

  Forum Editor 16:50 21 Feb 2003

is a power-hungry device, and doesn't like being connected to a USB hub, especially if it's an unpowered version, but sometimes even if it's a powered hub.

The modem should be connected directly to a USB port on your computer, where it should be perfectly happy. Having other USB devices shouldn't be a problem if you connect the modem in this way.

  magic 17:05 21 Feb 2003

some more details - running on WIN ME, ASUS MB, modem plugged in DIRECTLY to USB port on pc.

  magic 17:11 21 Feb 2003

Thanks for the answers but they all point to the depressing conclusion that i'll probably have to buy an ADSL PCI modem, which isnt what I want to do given that one of the pluspoints of the PIpex deal was the free modem as part of their promotion.
I think its a bit naff handing out these modems willy nilly when they know so many of them fail.

  leo49 17:17 21 Feb 2003

Don't give up so easy - it took me nearly 3 days of constant tinkering to get mine to work.


  magic 17:23 21 Feb 2003

Leo 49

Thanks for encouragement. I don't mind tinkering with my pc but stuff like this is very frustrating especially when you're paying good money for it. If I find a way round it, Ill post up on the board for anyone else who runs into this..Im sure there will be lots more as I know lots of people will sign up to pipex given the low price and reputation etc..

  leo49 17:36 21 Feb 2003

I found mine would ONLY function properly connecting via a powered hub - I also tinkered with some of the relevant Bios settings as per the USB link in the thread I referred to.

Good luck


  IZZY 13:40 22 Feb 2003

Hi, Magic...

I tend to agree with your sentiments and I expressed the same views to AOL.

Howver, I rather think you will have to spend a little amount to solve your problem. You can get a Belkin 2 Port USB2 PCI Card for less than £30 and it's a doddle to fit.

If you read my last posting it was all done last Saturday afternoon. Problem solved.



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