Alcatel Speed Touch USB

  peter4076 10:02 25 Jul 2004

I have the above modem, and I have purchased the "Origo 8400" router, reading all info on subject matter, it seems I would be better off by the froggy modem connecting via a RJ 11 lead straight to Router and my 2 computers coming off the router, my query and problem is that the froggy fits into my computer with a "USB type A" fitting, How do I do the business, because if I go the way of fitting USB modem into the first computer, a RJ45 cable into router and RJ45 cables to the second computer it means one computer has to be on, for the other to work, which I don't really want.
Hope this dilemma of mine is clear, all help once again gratefully received, and hopefully acted upon...........Cheers

  [DELETED] 10:41 25 Jul 2004

Phone line (with filter) to Modem, Modem to Router, Router to PC1, Router to PC2 etc
I believe you are better off with an ethernet modem with it's own power supply. USB modems are notorious for dropping the connection because the USB line fails to pull enough power to keep the modem up under all situations.
If you want/need to stick to a USB modem, I believe Belkin do an adapter that will take USB to ethernet (someone on this forum posted that piece of news a few days ago)

  [DELETED] 10:43 25 Jul 2004

Don't forget - straight through cat5 cables from Router to PCs. There will then be no need to leave a PC permanently on to service the web connection for the other PC.

  peter4076 11:52 25 Jul 2004

johnsims. Thanks for the input, but my Router is a "ADSL Router" it does'nt say anything about being a modem.
Since you posted I've been to a computer fair here in Birmingham and bought a BT-RJ11 lead thinking I might be able to go straight to the "Router" from the BT socket, Have all my hopes been dashed, please advise,
all help appreciated.
ps..I got a couple of RJ45 (straight cables)

  Daveboy 15:01 25 Jul 2004

Assuming this is a modem/router you should be able to use the same cord from filter to your old speed touch.

  peter4076 08:27 26 Jul 2004

Thanks Daveboy
Only query to that is the "Origo ADSL Router" was only £27.00 from Ebuyer, I didn't think it came with its own modem, if this is so, doe's this mean that I don't need my "Alcatel Speedtouch USB " anymore.

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