Album art and tags with iTunes and iPod

  SirMetal 22:26 26 Jun 2010

Hey guys,

Soon when I start my apprenticeship course in IT, I plan to buy an iPod classic 160gb.

What I'm wondering, is:

1) Will the album names, artist names and song names be EXACTLY the same on the iPod as it is in iTunes? (I have 10gb's of music which are all tagged appropriately)

2) Half of my album art is from iTunes itself, the other half I have downloaded album art and manually applied it to my albums. If I put all my songs onto an iPod, will ALL of the album art remain? and more importantly, if I transfer all of my music to another PC, will all of the album art still remain? (Even though the downloaded album art pictures will not be on the new PC)

3rd and finally... once I have downloaded album art and applied it to each album, can I safely delete the album art? Or will that result in all of the albums losing their album art?

I know I have a lot of questions, so I appreciate your time and effort in reading this and helping me!

  gengiscant 09:43 27 Jun 2010

I have moved my ipod touch itunes folder from one PC to another, and like you have all the albums tagged with some form of art, most of which I have downloaded my self from google images as a lot of my albums/playlists are compilations.

Although I have a copy of every album art,I have never had a need to reapply any as when I have copied my old itunes folder contents into the new itunes folder and synced my ipod,everything is in its place.

you can delete the album art as once it has been copied to the itunes folder it is not necessary to keep the original.I have GB music and the album art only amounts to about MB, on a TB drive,no space at all.

  john bunyan 14:48 27 Jun 2010

1. Yes
2.You are allowed up to 5 PC's per i Tunes account, so, Yes. I would copy the iTunes folder to an external HD , install the i Tunes programme (this goes into the Programmes folder automatically and is different to the data, which is in the iTunes folder) on the new PC and then copy the i Tunes music, libraties, etc to the new PC.
3. Not sure, but I think so,

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