Albion Technical Support, real or fake?

  tristar16 18:23 23 Jul 2013

Today, while trying to contact Kaspersky anti virus I found myself talking to a gentleman from Albion technical support, whom I'd never heard of. While assuring me he would help with Kaspersky problem he 'discovered' my computer was riddled with viruses and said he would put me in touch with Microsoft, who would fix things. It was a real hard sell he was giving me, so much so I grew suspicious and eventually hung up. My question is this, are Albion a genuine firm, or someone I was right to be suspicious of? Would appreciate advice on this. Regards, tristar

  rdave13 18:36 23 Jul 2013

I would have done exactly the same. Better safe than sorry. How did you contact Kaspersky?

  spuds 19:21 23 Jul 2013

It would be interesting to know what details you used to contact Kaspersky, because here is their contact details click here mentioning Albion technical support, you may have got? click here


  spuds 19:24 23 Jul 2013

Looks like PCA gremlins are at work again?.

"But mentioning Albion technical support, you may have got? (click here)". Should have been the line I posted.

  lotvic 19:51 23 Jul 2013

On Albionpccare website it says: "We are an independent service provider and not affiliated/associated with Kaspersky Antivirus"

you have to buy their support package and they will remotely take over your pc and 'fix' it.

  lotvic 19:56 23 Jul 2013

This ( is the correct Kaspersky support page click here

  tristar16 08:12 24 Jul 2013

Thank you gentlemen, for some reason I thought Albion could help me, and they did indeed take control of my computer and told me they could fix things (for a fee)I felt uncomfortable with this, asked for control back and ended my contact with them. My worry is that they may have left something nasty behind on my computer, though anti virus checks tell me I'm 'clean'

I hope someone can assure me that this is not a rogue firm - just a hard sell outfit!

Thank you for taking the time to respond. tristar

  tristar16 10:24 24 Jul 2013

I reckon it's the same outfit.

BTW I have phoned the bank, thanks.

  spuds 11:37 24 Jul 2013

If you are still not sure about Albionpccare, then here's some further information, no guarantees offered if the information is correct or not. click here

  tristar16 15:35 24 Jul 2013

Thank you spuds, that makes me feel somewhat better. However, I'm changing all my important passwords, just in case! I've also bookmarked that Scamadvisor site, could be useful!

Thanks for your help, regards, tristar.

  wiz-king 16:22 24 Jul 2013

Spuds I don't know how that spamadvisor does its checks but it has my website as 'UK based but may be American'. It's a very British site, and is hosted by a British host and registered to a UK address and has no mention of dollars on the site.

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