Alarm over pharming attacks WARNING

  woodchip 20:34 23 Feb 2005
  Djohn 21:08 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for the warning woodchip.

  curlylad 22:21 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for that , had heard about it but that explains it much clearer !

  octal 22:58 23 Feb 2005

OK, I'm thinking aloud, if you signed into you friendly Internet banking site and you were pharmed off to a spoofed site, when you sign in you obviously won't see your account details because they don't exist on the spoofed server. Now they could put up a page saying "Sorry page you are trying to view at present is experiencing problems please try later" But surely any self respecting Internet bank would put the "sorry" page up BEFORE you sign in. Or am I missing something there?

  canard 23:40 23 Feb 2005

click here check for vunerability with Securia. If you are and if you use Firefox there are two fixes listed in their forum. I needed both.

  curlylad 00:01 24 Feb 2005

Yes you are right they probably would put that message up first but not everybody is as clued up , that is why people fall for these scams mate !

  woodchip 12:21 24 Feb 2005


  octal 12:54 24 Feb 2005

Yes, that did occur to me as well, but I've got a devious mind so I assume everyone else is the same and they're not, except criminals.............I'm painting myself into a corner, so I'm going to shut up while the goings good ;-)

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 13:41 24 Feb 2005

interesting reading thanks for the warning woodchip

  Buchan 35 18:38 24 Feb 2005

Thanks woodchip and canard, very interesting reading

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