Alarm coming from base unit

  ikle_pixie 13:52 09 Apr 2005

Im confused to whether its my hard drive or it's over heating.

when i listened, it sounded like the noise was coming from my hard drive. Windows wont load it just freezes. All my fans are working, although it is slightly dusty in there.

Any ideas before i go out and buy a new hard drive?


  Technotiger 13:59 09 Apr 2005

Hi, it sounds to me like a over-heating warning.
Before spending on HDD I would suggest a good clean-out of all dust etc and make sure that All fans are working, including the fan in the PSU - often overlooked.


  Technotiger 14:00 09 Apr 2005

ps - if you can get pc working, try running it with the side off for a while, see if that makes any difference.

  ikle_pixie 14:05 09 Apr 2005

All the fans are definately working. Not long checked. Have 3 fans. PSU, CPU and fan on front all working. I have had the side off for a while now just through being lazy really...

Clean dust?

Why would this make Windows freeze?

still over-heating?

  Starfox 14:07 09 Apr 2005

Is it like this click here

Or this click here

  jack 14:09 09 Apr 2005

Yes before you go spending beer tokens
a Good clean up - with vacuum and a soft brush[ girl friend/wife make up brush perhaps?]make sure all is out,
Then go rattle all the cards and plugs make sure all are fully home.
Of course make sure the power is off and you have equalized your self to the case frame.

Then have a go

  keithlik 14:15 09 Apr 2005

If the booting process wont proceed - It JUST COULD be your keyboard. The warning sound may be this. Try gently lifting your keyboard an inch or so and carefully letting it drop back on a hard surface, with a slight jolt.
This is a long shot but worth a try.

  Technotiger 14:15 09 Apr 2005

or perhaps have a look here for more info -

click here


  ikle_pixie 14:27 09 Apr 2005

My brother has said it does sound like a siren. My pc boots fine, but windows freezes once loaded. The beeping/siren doesnt start until after a few minutes or longer. Sometimes it doesn't start until you aks windows to do something.
I haven't touched anything recently apart from unplag my other hard drive because i thought it was that. The components are about 4 years old.
I've watched the CPU fan, is spinning continuesly without any sticking.
Can it be that the CPU and fan are so dusty the fan can't cool it down as well as is should?


  Starfox 14:31 09 Apr 2005

"Can it be that the CPU and fan are so dusty the fan can't cool it down as well as is should? "

Yes,also if the fan is not rotating fast enough this will cause overheating and thus activate the siren.

  ikle_pixie 14:34 09 Apr 2005

Right, i'm off to clean pc...

But can someone tell me why it would make my windows freeze once loaded? I don't understand that bit..


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