AJAX - Forum thoughts...?

  Tabvla 10:55 05 May 2006

Do any Forum members have an opinion about the future of AJAX as an emerging technology?

Is AJAX the "flavour of the month" or will it be the de facto technology in its class for the foreseeable future?

Will the simplicity of AJAX win the technology battle with the excrutiating complexity of .NET? .NET is the "all seeing all doing" master app (that could take you the rest of your life to understand) Can AJAX fill the gap by providing an easily understood method of achieving complex results?

What about security? Will AJAX comply with Sarbanes-Oxley or will we be facing a lengthy spell on Alcatraz?

  ade.h 17:12 05 May 2006

Ahem... I'll have to find out what Ajax is first (apart from a household cleaner and a team in Holland, of course). Have you got a link?

I like the sound of the "easily understood" bit, though I'm guessing that it may be a very relative term in this instance!

  Tabvla 17:36 05 May 2006

No kidding.... AJAX really is easy to understand in principle and in practice. The reason for this is that it is based on technologies that are the standard "tools of the trade" for all web developers, namely - XHTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS.... And like the .NET Framework, AJAX is a framework not a tool.

I might really be on the wrong track here, but I think I see a potential in AJAX to achieve at least some of the same end results as can be achieved with ASP.NET but with much less complexity.

If you are looking for a definition then Wiki is a good place to start. >
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  PurplePenny 21:46 05 May 2006

I don't have any strong opinions about Ajax one way or the other.

I've seen some nice Ajax sites (though the only one that springs to mind is a T-shirt site that allows you to design your own T-shirt).

I've also seen cautions against it amongst the accessibility standardistas (because page contents update without warning).

I do recall someone describing it as DHTML under a new name! And strictly speaking doesn't it use ECMAScript rather than JavaScript ..... ;-)

  Forum Editor 00:24 06 May 2006

that 'simplicity' is a word I would use to describe Ajax, or that it has a major part to play in the future of web development. It has problems with scaleability, for one thing.

To be perfectly honest, I tend to share Penny's view - I don't have strong opinions one way or the other, and I have a sense that a lot of people aren't going to be much bothered about it either.

If anyone is wondering what an Ajax site looks like, or how it performs, click here

  Tabvla 11:11 06 May 2006

Thanks for the interesting comments. I am also not convinced - which is the reason for asking for an informed opinion.

I am not intimidated by the .NET framework or its web tools (ASP.NET & ADO.NET) but what I am concerned about is the lifespan of the technology. To really understand .NET comprehesively requires a considerable investment in time (while still trying to earn the daily bread), which I am happy to invest providing it will be one of the principle technologies for let us say the next 5 years.

(As a footnote - PurplePenny you are correct, AJAX does use ECMAScript, of which JavaScript is a subset).

  Tabvla 08:38 19 May 2006

An interesting development in the ongoing question mark around what part Ajax will play on the future Web...

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