Airplane Crashes

  birdface 10:13 13 May 2010

Probably just a coincidence but I was watching a TV program about Plane crashes on the TV about 10 days ago when a fully loaded plane had to do a fly past at an air show.
It was filmed live from the ground and as the plane reached the end of the runway it was not high enough to clear the trees and crashed.
I think all but 3 were saved.
Now the problem was it was new plane and as the pilot pulled the nose of the plane up to try and gain hight the onboard computer took over and actually tilted the nose down instead of up.
The captain was found guilty in an investigation and still denies it was his fault.
Black box was found and scrutinized but photo's taken at the scene showed that the black box may not have been the one from the plane and it was a cover up from the makers of the plane.
The captain said he was flying at 100-200ft according to the film the tail could not have been more than 40ft above the runway which meant the hight shown on the plane gave the wrong height.
Now you may wonder what I am gabbering on about but 2 recent plane crashes One with the Polish president aboard and one from South Africa which crashed in Libya both coming in to land and both crashed short of the runways.
I am just wondering if they were the same type of Airplanes and maybe the dial giving the altitude shows 100ft less than the actual height of the plane.
A lot of ifs but this was a new plane with new computer technology so just wondering if there could be a technical problem with them.

  birdface 10:15 13 May 2010

Oops should have been put in speakers corner so will close this and move it there.Sorry.

  woodchip 10:16 13 May 2010

So whats wrong with there eyes? its no just a case of looking through the front but also side windows only need a glance to see how near the floor is

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