AIDA32 v's Bios

  BigMo 12:49 11 Sep 2003

When i check the cpu temp using AIDA32 it reports it as 44 degrees celcius, but when i check it in the Bios it says it is 69 degrees. Surely the temp sensor for both is read from the same source, which one do i believe?
Also i have read other posts talking about CPU temp and system temp whats the difference and how do you find out what the system temp is?
Please enlighten me!!!

  BigMo 14:40 11 Sep 2003

Any ideas???

  -pops- 14:43 11 Sep 2003

Just checked mine and they are in agreement with each other.

Could it be that the 69 degree is the shutdown setting rather than the actual temperature. It seems rather high if it's not doing much work (or even if it is)

  BigMo 15:01 11 Sep 2003

the shutdown temp is set at 85 degrees, i would like to think that AIDA32 is showing the correct temp. I have recently upgraded my processor from a 500MHz to a 900MHz, I dont remember noticing a difference before the upgrade. Also at the same time i dont have any probs with the operation. When i first put the processor in i got an alarm on startup but added some thermal compound and no probs since. I just want to know if the bios is more likely to be correct because if it is then 69 degrees is a bit high and needs further attention.

  -pops- 15:11 11 Sep 2003

It possible that the temperature is being misinterpreted somehow because of the upgrade.

I believe there are two methods of measuring the temp. One is from a sensor on the motherboard just below, but in contact with, the CPU die the other is from within the CPU die itself. It may be that AIDA is reading one and your BIOS the other. Note the within die sensor will read higher. Just a guess.

  hugh-265156 16:22 11 Sep 2003

aida reads 10C lower than my bios for cpu temp but it reads the case temp ok.i would tend to believe the bios readings.i emailed Tamas Miklos some time ago and he sent me a fixed version(support is great).apparantly it was my radeon graphics card causing conflicts with the sensor??

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