AIDA suggestion !

  curlylad 20:33 21 Sep 2004

I have AIDA software on my system which told me I had a few problems and suggested solutions and I am not sure how to do what it suggests or if I should.The problems are as follows

1 Enable IP header compression to increase network speed.

2 Enable software compression to increase network speed.

3 At least 85Hz vertical refresh rate is recommended for classic displays.

4 Current AGP speed is lower than maximum supported.This may cause performance penalty

If you can help , much obliged .

  keith-236785 21:01 21 Sep 2004

personally i dont have any faith in that program since it reported the WRONG version number of my motherboard. good job i double checked as i was updating the bios and if i had trusted aida32, i would have had a dead mobo.

if you don't have a problem with your system then leave alone. if you are looking for more performance then give it a go but take note of what you change so you can undo it later.

good luck

  curlylad 22:02 21 Sep 2004


  curlylad 12:13 22 Sep 2004


  The Spires 12:27 22 Sep 2004

New name Everest Home Edition,though basically an updated Aidia32 & still Freeware. click here

  Simon_P 12:36 22 Sep 2004

1 don’t know

2 don’t know

3 That may be beyond the capabilities of your monitor (depending on your screen resolution)
The refresh rate in Hz is how often the screen updates the display 75 hz is ok less than that and you may see flicker.

Right click desktop/properties/settings/your graphics card/monitor. There is a dropdown menu with refresh rates.

Do not select a refresh rate that your monitor does not support.

4 Possibly you have a AGP x 4 graphics card and the motherboard supports x8 AGP

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