AIBIT Motherboard beeps at me!

  wetterfugal © 11:38 11 Jun 2005

I have just replaced my gigabyte board (it burnt out) with an Abit AN7 Now I find that for some
unexplained reason it beeps at various intervals. I am not necessarily using the keyboard at
that time nor is any of the running programmes being used. The beeps are from the computer

I was wondering if it is trying to tell me something (It has just beeped now} I checked the Abit uGuru but all temps and fans are ok. Can anyone help?

  Methedrine 11:47 11 Jun 2005

Apparently, this mobo has an LED in one of the corners. See if it flashes/lights up when the mobo beeps. Can't find any info on beep codes for this mobo yet.

  wetterfugal © 12:00 11 Jun 2005

This not so easy, the beep is not regular and unless I keep my eye glued to the board for anything up to an hour and don't blink over that time I am going to miss it.

There is a green led at one corner which indicates power on to motherboard. there is a two digit led indicator at another corner which will show the position of the post at startup for post fault purposes.

As far as beep codes are concerned it is only one single beep and the tone is not as high as the normal post beep.

  Methedrine 13:16 11 Jun 2005

Had a look around and now it's your turn. Have a look through these postings and see if any of them relate to your problem directly.

click here

I really hope that this helps and that you find a solution soon. Best of luck.


  Stuartli 13:47 11 Jun 2005

A full list of Bios beep codes for Award, AMI etc, plus lots of other useful information and links, can be found at:

click here

  DieSse 15:03 11 Jun 2005

You've likely got some event to issue a beep - and the event keeps happening - it'll not be a BIOS beep whilst the system is in normal operations.

Try disabling all sound events from the OS - Control panel - Sounds - sounds and choose "no sound" as the scheme.

If that gets rid of them, you can experiment with different settings to try and identify what event is happening.

  wetterfugal © 20:42 11 Jun 2005

I agree the beep is not a post code, in any case a single beep is what you get when all is well. I have all sounds disabled as I record streaming audio from the internet and I do not want any event sounds on my recordings.

I have been doing this for a few years now and this has just started immediately after I fitted the new motherboard.

  phono 21:48 11 Jun 2005

It may, or may not, help but try this link click here especially the part as reproduced below and let us know how you get on.

Re: A7N8X deluxe emitting weird high pitch sound! Please help!

Is the buzz noise coming from the PC or through the audio (speakers). I had that problem with my old ECS board. I went into Sounds and Audio Devices in control panel and went to advanced on the volume tab. The volume control panel opens hit options/ properties then scroll down and check the box "PC Speaker" This will add the PC Speaker adjustments to the panel. Check the mute box and hopefully the noise will go away. This doesn't disable your post beeps sounds so don't worry about it. It just stops mouse clicks and static from EM interference from coming through the audio.

  wetterfugal © 22:18 11 Jun 2005

No there is nothing like a buzz or continuos high pitched sound I am concerned more about what the beeps are trying to tell me than getting rid of them. I looked at the properties in the volume controle panel and there is not an option for pc speker but I did notice that the normal volume adjustment panel has the name of the onboard sound system, "NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio" it may have been customised by abit.

I now notice that the beeps are of two frequencies and alternate between the two.

I have also sent an enmail to abit tech support.
I will post back if they solve it.

Regards, Vic.

  phono 22:36 11 Jun 2005

You have to add the PC speaker by selecting a tick box, do you have this option or have "NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio" "hacked" the software to disable it?

  wetterfugal © 22:44 11 Jun 2005

I think it has been hacked, (Like the way I put my business name on Internet Explorer instead of my ISP's)

There is no listing for a PC speaker tick box.

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