AHCI enable after XP install.

  Naomi1 18:56 31 Jan 2010

I changed the Motherboard, and this one has no floppy drive connector (ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO).
So no F6 and SATA drive install during Windows XP Home setup (slipstreamed with SP3).
Setup only possible with BIOS SATA Mode set on IDE.
I would like to enable AHCI in BIOS, but that ends up in BSOD.
How can I enable AHCI after XP has been installed, or how do I get the SATA-driver in the system?

  Sbrads 19:18 31 Jan 2010

I managed it, so it's definitely possible. From memory, I put all the F6 floppy files into a hard drive folder, then installed them and ignored all the dire warnings, then rebooted and went into the BIOS and change to AHCI before going into Windows. That's the important bit or you'll get a BSD.

If you ghost image first then you can always get back to where you are now if it goes wrong. My XP is still working fine 6 months later even though it's now part of a dual boot setup with Win7.

  BRYNIT 19:41 31 Jan 2010

I found the easiest way was to slipstream the AHCI drivers with Win XP and SP3, change bios to AHCI and then install.

  Naomi1 19:56 31 Jan 2010

Thanks for your info.
I downloaded the driver, and after unpacking I had the following files:
- txtsetup.oem 5kB
- readme.txt 2 kB
- ahci86 1 kB (file format?)
- a folder "x86" with the following files in it:
- txtsetup.oem 5 kB (identical as above)
- ahcix86.cat 11 kB
- ahcix86.inf 5 kB
- ahcix86.sys 186 kB.

What shall I do with this in order to install the drivers?

  Naomi1 19:59 31 Jan 2010

@ BRUNIT: I made that slipstreamed CD anyway yesterday, but before going through a complete, timeconsumimg reinstall I would like to try an easier way.

  BRYNIT 21:07 31 Jan 2010

It's not a easy to install the drivers after installing Windows.

click here

click here

  Sbrads 20:56 01 Feb 2010

I didn't have to do any registry editing to get my XP Pro SP3 installation that had been using IDE mode for 6 months on an Asus P5QL-E P43 chipset m/b to accept AHCI drivers. It's very easy to do if you do it right, about 10 minutes but I never found any info on the web useful or correct, at least for ICH10R SATA AHCI drivers.

I found some notes I made, bear in mind I have done this twice so I'm pretty sure it works as described, but your F6 files seem to be slightly different to mine, perhaps Intel have changed something recently. Mine were:-

1. Either image C: or at least create a restore point.
2. Copy floppy F6 Intel files into a temporary folder, C:\AHCI will do.
3. Also copy one of the files, iastor.sys to C:\Windows\System32 which seemed to stop an error message later on.
4. In Device Manager,right click and 'update driver' on the entry 'Intel ICH10 Family 2 port serial ATA Controller 2-3A26' and choose iaAHCI.inf as directed. Don't reboot!
5. Do 4. again but for the Intel 4 port driver of a similar name to above, choose the default inf file as directed.
6. Reboot and go into BIOS to choose AHCI instead of IDE. Continue into XP which will find the new hardware drivers. Another reboot may be needed. DONE.
7. Check that the new Intel AHCI Controllers show in Device Manager.

Note there will be dire warnings during this that drivers aren't compatible, this is true but they won't be any more after the BIOS is changed to AHCI as in 6 above.

  Naomi1 21:54 01 Feb 2010

Thanks again.
But my chipset is AMD 785G/SB710, not intel ICH10R, that's one difference.
And in Device Manager there is no SATA item mentioned at all; only IDE. Otherwise I would have changed the drivers right away in device manager.

Yesterday I did already copy ahcix86.sys to C:\windows\system32: made no difference.

If I can't find a way to force those drivers into the system, I will do the slipstream trick.

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