Ah! XPletatives! - problems with XP

  Bodi 21:42 02 Aug 2003

The first problem is that I appear to have to reinstall my modem each time I boot into XP.

The next problem is activating the darned thing, although I have plenty of time yet. I am unable to do this over the internet - er some problem or another with "connectivity" and try again later. I carefully copied down the telephone number, an ID number, which was too big to fit in the little boxes provided (came up with an error) and then found that my computer was supposed to be connected via the telephone link as well! I'm on dialup!

Another problem is my Asus Graphics card which supposedly has XP drivers on the install CD, but XP refuses to install them.

All in all, my hair was white to start with and is now dropping out! Please someone point me in the right direction - I'm going round in circles.


  Rtus 21:50 02 Aug 2003

Can you run the graphics from the cd setup rather than found new hardware ? also try going to control panel remove video adapter . restart but dont let it search for drivers after windows starts it should then let you use Cd to set up the card using its own install program.

  woodchip 21:54 02 Aug 2003

Thought you had seen enough problems on hear with xp without creating your own. Sorry about that.

  Bodi 21:54 02 Aug 2003

Hello and thanks for replying. Have tried installing from the CD and via the trouble shooter as the manual suggests - so far nothing has worked. However, will try removing the current graphics card drivers and reinstall from CD - I must be doing something wrong somewhere. er nothing new! lol

Thanks again, you already have your angel wings first class.


  Bodi 21:58 02 Aug 2003

I've only put the darn O/S because I can't get the new motherboard Asus A7V8X Delux/Gold to work properly.

I am as you know, an avid 98SE fan - oooooooo wish I'd stuck to something simpler.

Any suggestions on modem or activation? Please.


  woodchip 22:04 02 Aug 2003

Probs one by one

The modem should stay put if you have loaded the drivers, What kind of modem, is it a USB or internal?

  CalmCookie 22:10 02 Aug 2003

Regarding your modem....
Windows XP you will find generally loads a Generic Driver if it can't find the exact one in it's drivers.....this causes the problem of you having to reinstall everytime.
You will need to go to the Modem makers web site and download the WindowsXP driver for your modem.
Obviously ..not very helpful if you can't connect.. =(

  Djohn 22:25 02 Aug 2003

To activate, copy that long number down then use the phone number and a list of options will take you through the instructions. The long number is what you will be asked to type in the phone key pad, then an automated voice will give you a code to enter in the boxes.

You don't need to be on the net. to do this. Have a pen and paper close as the number is read back to you, copy it down and then you can enter it to PC when you wish.

To do it on-line, connect to your ISP, then click on start/all programs/accessories/system tools, then click o the "Activate" Icon, should do it for you automatically. j.

  Bodi 23:04 02 Aug 2003

I now have a "clean" device manager. No problem devices. Wowooooooooo

Woodchip/CalmCookie: However, the modem remains a problem - and ok, it's too old for driver updates, and Pace (computer branch) was bought out about three years ago. Looks like I'll have to put up with that one. Thanks anyway - your wings on their way! - right now I darn't spend anymore money on my computer - Divorce court looms ever larger! (I should be so lucky! lol)

Djohn: Thank you, I will try it your way - but get in a terrible muddle with these automated for this "press one" for that "press two" - but promise to perservere. Will try again. Will let you know how I do.

Thanks again - all of you angels!


  Rtus 01:19 03 Aug 2003

Was this a machine supplied bundled with XPhome & you were trying to return to dear old W98???

  Bodi 09:50 03 Aug 2003

No lol! This machine was provided by me,<grin> and I bought the new motherboard this week (or last week now) and an XP2400 Chip - the board did come bundled with InterVideo WinCinema - which I haven't tried yet. (Leave those until later) - Passed on old motherboard & chip to eldest son.

According to the bumf that came with it, it is supposed to be compatible with Win98SE - er not so!

Meanwhile - I am copying Djohn's instructions, so I can print them out - my mind has a habit of going on holiday without me lol.


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