AGP - - - X850 v 7800

  kwertyuk 18:17 28 Jul 2006

I have been looking for a mid to top range AGP card for roughly £150.

I found an X850 - click here - which looks pretty good.

7800GS cards seemed to be the best nvidia i could find although they were closer to £200.

Is either card better than the other?

  citadel 20:01 28 Jul 2006

7800 gs is the best agp card.

  kwertyuk 20:39 28 Jul 2006

is it worth the extra £50 compared to an X850 tho?

  Cybermaxx 21:01 28 Jul 2006

That X850 is only the Pro model, with just 12 pixel pipelines. The X850XT/X850XT PE models have 16 pipes, and will provide slightly better frame rates than a standard 7800GS. The one you link to isn't. Still a decent card, so far as what's available for AGP goes, though. A lot better than the X1600 Pro/6600GT, for instance.

None of those cards are the best AGP models on the market, though! Look here:-

click here

The 6th and 7th cards down, both Gainward 7800GS cards, are the best available. One of them is a 20 pipe 7800GT, and the very best one is a 24 pipe 7900GT. I know they're out of your price range, but it's good to be aware of just what's available out there! Hell, they might suddenly drop in price or something!

Also, there is supposed to be an AGP version of the 7600GT on the way. The PCIe 7600GT is easily a match for a 7800GS, and SHOULD be cheaper (the PCIe version starts at about £125). Whether it'll ever arrive remains to be seen......

  gudgulf 21:09 28 Jul 2006

You want the fastest AGP card out there....then look at the GeForce Bliss card at the top of click here

It may say 7800GS on the list but look at the info....this one is a full blown 7900GT with 24 pipelines and 512MB onboard ram.Not only that it is fitted with an Arctic cooler.

Limited production but the fastest AGP card ever.

Just bear in mind you might (almost certainly will) need to upgrade your psu and wont get the best out of it unless you are running at least a 3GHz cpu(or equivalent) and more than 1GB of RAM

  Cybermaxx 21:27 28 Jul 2006

Btw, here's a table showing the X800/X850 range for basic spec. comparison. There was also an X800 GTO2 model with 16 pipelines.

click here

That X850 Pro is still a good card, like I said.......

  Cybermaxx 21:48 28 Jul 2006

Proof that the AGP 7600GT exists/will exist:-

click here

I'd get one of those if I were you.

  Cybermaxx 21:51 28 Jul 2006

Yep, second one from the bottom of the page........

click here

  kwertyuk 09:00 29 Jul 2006

So, which is better now -

the 7800GS or the new 7600GS?

  gudgulf 10:21 29 Jul 2006

Forget the 7600GS need the GT version.It runs much higher clock speeds.

A 7600GT is capable of similar or higher frame rates as an X850XT...unless you use AA/AF.It will certainly outpace the X800GTO and pro models.

The base 7800GS is slightly faster stil but more expensive.It is based on the 7800GT but has fewer pixel pipelines and slower memory.....on the plus side it is a demon overclocker and capable of much better performance than you get straight out of the box.

The Gainward 7800gs Cybermaxx and I linked to is in fact a tweaked full on 7900GT model which is very very much faster than any of the other cards mentioned....but obviously a lot dearer

If you want the best bang for the buck aand you can find one(they may not be available retail in the UK yet) then a 7600GT would be the best choice.

If you want maximum performance then the 7800GS series will give you a price.

The X800 series cards will give good performance across the range but don't have pixel shader 3.0.Make sure you find the cheapest prices for one of these.

Have a look at the featured items on the opening page of click here#

There is an X850XT for £118 (+VAT) which is a good buy.

For a straight replacement of a 9800pro the 6600GT is still a good buy.

Hope that all makes sense.

  Cybermaxx 19:05 29 Jul 2006

Ooh, I dunno about that..... The older 6800GT/Ultra cards outperform the vanilla 7800GS in some games, and I'll bet my boots(!) that the very efficient 7600GT can outpace a vanilla 7800GS. I look forward to reading a roadtest of one of these 7600GT AGP cards, anyway.

Btw, I haven't seen any on sale over here yet, either. I would expect the likes of Overclockers to get them in stock first. I'll keep an eye out.

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