filthyphil 13:06 03 Feb 2007

my mobo has a AGP graphics connection, is there a way i can install PCI Express connections on my mobo or will i have to stick to upgrading my mobo??
thought it might be worth a try?
i think i just put this in someone elses question sorry wasnt watching what i was doing..

  Ben 216 13:11 03 Feb 2007

You'll have to upgrade your mobo if you want PCI express.

What graphics card do you have now? it may be you can upgrade fairly cheaply to a new AGP graphics card and get a bit more life out of youre current PC.

  filthyphil 13:38 03 Feb 2007

currently have an Nvidia GeForce FX5700 256Mb
but when gaming i get a message that virtul memory is low which is why i want to upgrade but 512 AGP cost a fortune

  GaT7 13:51 03 Feb 2007

"when gaming i get a message that virtul memory is low" - Virtual memory (also called the page file) & the amount of memory on your graphics card are two different things. Try increasing the virtual memory click here on the hard disk/partition where the games are installed.

Also, make sure your hard disk (or partition where the game is installed) has at least 5Gb free space - I think some games require it. G

  GaT7 13:59 03 Feb 2007

If you're on a tight budget (& your PC is fairly well-specified with an adequate power supply), these cards should give you quite a boost until you can upgrade everything to PCI-E spec: click here or click here. Don't always judge a graphics card by the amount of memory - it's its memory speed that usually matters more.

My earlier comments, regarding virtual memory & free space, still hold good though. G

  filthyphil 14:17 03 Feb 2007

"Try increasing the virtual memory"
Many thanks for your advice i will try that on monday cheers

  Ben 216 19:01 03 Feb 2007

How much ram do you have? A game will eat up all your RAM, then move onto virtual memory. You can increase performance up to a point by adding more RAM. RAM, like a graphics card, can also be transferred if you build a new system, you've just have to check that the new system will support it when you do (DDR/DDR2/DDR3). That way you don't limit yourself to building a new PC to support your relitively new AGP graphics card, and AGP solts are hard to find now.

I've just upgraded my PC on this board click here as I bought a good graphics card about a year ago and didn't want to get rid of it. The specs aren't the best out there, but it works fine and I can gradually upgrade components, DDR -> DDR2, AGP -> PCI-E etc.

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