AGP voltage

  funf 10:28 09 Jul 2003

The ASUS A7V8X-X MOBO states not to use a graphics card that is not specified as +1.5 volts. How can you find out what voltage a graphics card is. I use a geoforce2mx400 (not beinga gamer). Is it safe to use when the MOBO manual says only +1.5 volts can be used.

look up your card on its manufacturers website, the details will be there.

the original AGP standard used 3.3 volts, AGP version 2 uses 1.5 volts, if your card is 4x compatible and manufactured after 1998 (yours definitely was) then it is most likely to be version 2. Version 1 cards are rare nowadays.

but as i say RTFM (read the fine manual)

  funf 16:17 09 Jul 2003

Thanks horiz5 you answered it in one. Thanks a lot for the quick response.
Cheers funf

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