AGP Speeds

  neilb+ 17:09 23 Aug 2005

I've just ordered a new G/card (nvidia 6600gt) and it's AGPX8, my mobo (msi kt3 ultra) goes upto AGPX4. Am I going to run into any compatability issues or will it just run slower?

  AndySD 17:23 23 Aug 2005

It will run at 4x but there is very little difference between 4x and 8x

  gudgulf 20:53 23 Aug 2005

Just to add a bit of substance to AndySD's comment click here

Not sure what cpu was running in that link though.

I am very tempted to do a similar check with my much more powerful pc (3DMark 03 gives just under 12,000 on mine) just to see if there is a difference with an uptodate(x800xt) graphics card with a fastish (3.6GHz P4)processor.In fact I'll do it this space!

  Stuartli 23:08 23 Aug 2005

The transition between 2x, 4x and 8x AGP is not linear.

I run an 8x GeforceFX card on a 4x AGP board and it's fast enough for me...:-)

You'll find this guide first class for setting up your card and nVidia configuration:

click here

  gudgulf 23:52 23 Aug 2005

A quick comparisson between AGP 4x and 8x(see my previous post)


3DMark 01 22,105 22,043

3DMark 03 12,148 12,199

3DMark 05 5,819 5,851

Doom3 (1600x1200) 52.1fps 52.1fps

Halo (1600x1200) 66.50fps 66.31fps

Farcry(1600x1200) 61.70fps 62.94fps

If there is a difference my system is not powerful enough to reveal it......I even played a bit of Doom3 at 1600x1200/ultra high detail/6xAA/8xAF with fraps running to keep an eye on the frame rates.Again absolutely no difference even though those settings reduced my frame rate down to a low of 16fps with a just about playable average in the mid 20's.

If my x800xt doesn't slow down at all when run at AGP 4x then a 6600GT wont either.

  neilb+ 13:46 24 Aug 2005

Thanks, great help.

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