agp slot must it be enabled

  bigboab y 21:34 04 Jul 2003

Heres a doozy.. fallen heir to a couple of Compaq Deskpro ep/sb series desktops.. they have AGP grahics cards installed both i windows98 driver base... I cant get the mochine's to recognize them.... comes up as standard vga display adaptor and will only run at 640x480... I have prowled over the bios and I can see NO mention of an AGP slot... only PCI and ISA (which are on motherboard)... does the AGP slot have to be enabled before the cards will work ??... if so .. how the hell do I do it???? The person who comes up with the right answer will get my vote as Brain of Britain for this year.. and all other years ... BTW crawled over the compaq site as well .. just cant find anything relevant ...cheers

  Agent Smith 21:42 04 Jul 2003

From my limited experience, when I have formatted a hard drive I have had to install the motherboard drivers which includes the driver for the AGP slot.

  Kryten 21:43 04 Jul 2003

Have a look here click here

  sil_ver 21:44 04 Jul 2003

What graphics cards are installed? If you don't know try downloading belarc advisor and run it. Then go to the cards website and get the latest drivers as at present you appear to be running on the default windows driver. Have you also looked in System properties/device manager

  Kryten 21:45 04 Jul 2003
  Quiller. 21:51 04 Jul 2003

Are you saying that the machines are booting up from the AGP cards, but at 640x480? If this is so, then what you need are the graphics card drivers.

Things to try;

Delete the display adapter from device manager, reboot.Has it got a yellow exclamation mark next to it? Then put the graphics drivers on.

Have you checked the motherboard to see if there is any jumpers referring to the vga.

  DieSse 23:40 04 Jul 2003

bsod is quite right, if your systems are booting and running, then the graphics card are working correctly. And no, there is no need to enable an AGP slot.

The problem you have is that the drivers and/or monitor inf files are not loaded or set correctly, so the graphics are working in the default VGA mode - 16 colours and 640x480 resolution.

You need to know what the graphics cards are, then load the drivers for them, as a first step.

  DieSse 23:44 04 Jul 2003

If it's a Deskpro SB you likely have an ATI Rage graphics card - but if you go to the Compaq site it is excellently laid out, and you will quickly find the exact drivers for your specific model.

  faichfolds 23:45 04 Jul 2003

Indeed only the drivers will sort this out.

Try looking at the very first thing that is displayed when you turn your machine on. This may well tell you what your graphics card is. (Depending on BIOS settings)

  bigboab y 10:54 05 Jul 2003

stuck a PCI card in and it works fine.. but would prefer the AGP one to work.. thanks for that link Kryten.. compaq support is very comprehensive.. but being an idiot I was looking for a download called "motherboard here I am download me !!!"..its split into various bits.. is it the one called BIOS that i need ja think.. going by the signs I am seeing,normally I would guess the AGP card is faulty but I know its a worker on another machine.. signed Tolstoy

  User-312386 11:03 05 Jul 2003

right click my computer>properties and then device manger

if you have a yellow exclamtion mark by the device then you will need the driver for it

what is the make of the Graphics card?

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