AGP question

  Bugzee 14:02 02 Jan 2006

i have just run everest out of curiosity and on the suggestion for the chipset it came up with this message
current agp speed is lower than maximum supported,this may cause performance penalty:
The supported agp speeds are 1x 2x 4x 8x
iam currently running on 4x
what can i do up it to the max 8x ?

cheers Bugzee

  xania 14:05 02 Jan 2006

I think this relates to the fact that the mobo is capable of supporting a faster card than you currently have installed. Please confirm both the mobo and the graphics card so that I can be more specific.

  DieSse 14:06 02 Jan 2006

It depends on the graphics card you ahve - will it run at AGP 8x? What card is it?

And it might also depend on a BIOS setting.

  Bugzee 14:28 02 Jan 2006

my mobo is a asus A7V400-MX with a built in graphics card which is via unichrome s3g
cpu amd athlon 1659mhz

  citadel 15:12 02 Jan 2006

you will need to buy a graphics card that is 8x and install it in the agp slot on your motherboard to get 8x speed. This is not needed if you only use the pc for surfing and other low graphics applications.

  Bugzee 15:17 02 Jan 2006

actually it does support 8x according to this
click here

  DieSse 16:15 02 Jan 2006

Looking on the Asus site, there are two manuals for your motherboard - this is one of them (caution - over 1MB download) click here

In this one, it gives no control over the AGP speed in the BIOS section. In the other one, it gives only settings in the BIOS for 1x 2x and 4x

I suggest you look in the BIOS and see if it has an AGP speed settings page, and check what you can set it to.

  gudgulf 16:42 02 Jan 2006

To be brutally honest it would not matter if the AGP setting was 2x or even 1x with an onboard graphics chip.The performance would not tax the AGP bus ie your graphics would not be affected.

Should you add a seperate graphics card then things would be 8x graphic card would enable the AGP 8x settings on your motherboard.On my Asus mobo you can only see AGP 8x in the BIOS if it detects an 8x device.

Unless there is an AGP 8x graphics card present you wont be able to enable 8x AGP acceleration

  Bugzee 01:52 03 Jan 2006

ok im totally confused , everest is telling me its not running to its full potential ie:8x the mobo does support 8x all iwant to know is it possible to tweak it from 4x to 8x ,according to the site here click here it supports 8x ?

  DieSse 02:05 03 Jan 2006

I suggested you look in the BIOS for the setting - have you? - What did you find?

There are two manulas for your motherboard on the ASUS site - so there must be two versions of your motherboard - do you know which one you've got?

Have you got the manual for it?

The manuals show you the BIOS screens for the two versions - one only shows settings of 1x, 2x and 4x
Is yours like this one - what does it show?

The othermanual does not have an AGP speed setting shown - if you have this version there is nothing you can adjust, clearly.

  DieSse 02:17 03 Jan 2006

PS - gudgulf is very probably quite right - it won't make any discernable difference with on-board graphics - indeed it may not even affect them (I'm not too sure on that last point though).

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