AGP graphics card TI4200 or 4800 - Equivalent ?

  Giggle n' Bits 10:17 21 Oct 2003

There was the Ti4200 & Ti4800 AGP Graphics card, i know there is a few Ti4800Se cards around but what I would like to know is what card now are the equivalent on todays market to the Ti4200 & Ti4800 chipset card with Nvidia Chippies.

Is it them FX5200, FX5600, FX5800 cards ?

Are the FX5xxx card any good for a budget gaming card ?.

  [DELETED] 10:23 21 Oct 2003

The FX chip is nVidias latest GPU and is the next step on, like GF4 is from GF3. As with those cards there is a range starting from the FX5200 upwards. For around £60 for the lowest FX5200 I would say that they are probably good for a budget card. I would however look at ATI before splashing out as they have released some very good cards recently.

  [DELETED] 10:27 21 Oct 2003

The current models are

FX5200 - good entry level crad - I use one (no games) and it's very good indeed.

FX5600 - moiddle of the road - good performance without braeking the bank

FX5900 (note, NOT the FX5800, which was a bit of a lemon) - top of the range high performance card, with a price tag to match.

There are "Ultra" versions of some of them which have slightly higher perfortmance than the standard version.

  [DELETED] 11:08 21 Oct 2003

You can get a 128MB FX5200 for under £50 now.

The FX series of graphics cards support Direct X 9 and OpenGL 1.4

The Ti series only support up to Direct X 8.1 and OpenGL 1.3

For more information on specific cards go to Tom's Hardware Guide click here

  Giggle n' Bits 14:28 21 Oct 2003

Does anyone know if this card would be better than a FX series card ?

Gainward GeForce 4 PP Ultra/750 8X TV AGP [Ti-4800SE

its mainly with the SE on the end, all I can think is it stands for Special edition or small edition or even second edition ?

Thanks for the above details M8 DiesSe!, Epoc & Bruce_Lee.

  [DELETED] 14:33 21 Oct 2003

"Gainward GeForce 4 PP Ultra/750 8X TV AGP [Ti-4800SE"

It'll be better than an FX 5200 and FX 5600 but not as good as an FX 5800.

Also see the note about DirectX and OpenGL support.

  [DELETED] 15:49 21 Oct 2003

I'm interested in this query myself, The Geforce 4Ti 4200 cards are coming down in price to the FX5200/5600 level. The 4 Ti seems to have a much higher fill rate, operations per second etc. than the two FX cards so would seem the better bet. I wondered how much the native direct x9 support in the FX cards matters? I've got a Geforce 2 card and have downloaded directx 9b from the microsoft website which seems to be working fine. Is it just a case that some of the new features in directx 9 would have to be carried out in 'software' on a Geforce 2-4 card rather than in hardware card on a FX card?

  Giggle n' Bits 10:34 22 Oct 2003

if running a Ti card which supports Direct X 8.1 on a XP machine ?

i take it XP has Direct X9 by default.

Has anyone noticed a difference using a Ti card with XP.

  [DELETED] 11:05 22 Oct 2003

I've just bought a ti 4200 card to replace an 18 month old Gainward card that developed a fault. It is by XFX, and for £80 comes with several games and a games pad (good one). It has massive heat sinks front and back so can be overclocked to same speed as the 4600 cards. It runs all my existing games very well - 40-50 fps in Forgotten battles. It also has Video in and out.

When the new range of cards come out next year I'll think of replacing, but for now it's pretty good

  Giggle n' Bits 12:16 22 Oct 2003

Erhh where did you get the XFX Ti4200 card from at £80 please.

All the ones I have seen are about £95 - £116 mark.

Was it one of them OEM look of the draw ones, happen to be from click here ?

Are you pleased with it ?.

  [DELETED] 18:33 22 Oct 2003

Got the card from CCL computers. It is the full retail boxed version that includes several games and a really good quality games pad. Am very pleased with it.

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