AGP Graphics card installation problems

  JennyH 09:46 28 Jun 2007

I've just fitted a Galaxy Zeus 5200 AGP card into my computer but it doesn't work. Running Windows XP. In control panel the card is showing as unknown (lots of yellow question marks) and the driver is not installed. I've tried using the disk supplied but no joy even though Windows says it has installed the drivers!!. In control panel it shows the location of the unknown graphics card as PCI although it is installed in the AGP slot - is this anything to do with it. If so how do I change it. The motherboard is ASUS A7S8X-MX. The computer is not connected to the internet so I can't download direct to the computer. ANy help will be appreciated.

  IntoPCs 09:52 28 Jun 2007

If it doesn't work how are you seeing the control panel in XP? Is there an onboard graphics option that you have plugged the monitor into - if so you need to change the settings in the bios (hit delete as pc boots).
Also, if you had a different graphics card installed previously you may have to clear out all drivers and software that came with it.

  brundle 09:53 28 Jun 2007

Start PC, hit F10 or Del or F2 to go into the BIOS, look under Integrated Peripherals, disable On board Graphics.

  keef66 10:11 28 Jun 2007

When you say control panel do you mean device manager? (that's where I get yellow exclamation marks) Try R clicking on the card and select properties, drivers, update drivers, and insert the driver disk when requested.

  keef66 10:15 28 Jun 2007

can you describe what you had before fitting the card? Did yiu have another AGP card in there that you've had to replace, or did you have onboard graphics (monitor plugged straight into a port on the back of the motherboard)

If the latter, most motherboards will disable onboard graphics if a separate graphics card is inserted.

And don't turn nasty, but I have to ask, is the monitor plugged into the port on the back of the new card??

  umbongo(uk) 10:41 28 Jun 2007

heres a link to your motherboard manual

click here

pges 27
31 mainly to show you the onboard slot you wont be using anymore

and page 60 what alook at

your init first display should be set to agp

only this needs to be changed
the link for the manual is to give you an idea

then if you can get the latest nvidia driver from nvidia site linked below
click here

choose from list
graphics driver
geforce fx series
then your operating system windows xp/2000 #
agree to their terms download

  keef66 11:16 28 Jun 2007

you can download (save to a CD or flash drive) the drivers from the Nvidia site using another pc with internet access

  JennyH 18:12 28 Jun 2007

Thanks all of you. Answers to all you comments:
I have been using the onboard graphics card up till now.
Yes, I did have the monitor plugged into the graphics card (no I haven't got nasty!!) after I had first installed it but it came up with no signal so had to unplug and use the onboard graphics card otherwise I couldn't see anything! If I disable the onboard graphics card and then the new graphics card doesn't work how can I reset this? I don't want to be left without the monitor working otherwise I don't know what is happening.
Sorry - I did mean the device manager. I tried re-installing the drivers by saying I had the disk. There are a number of different folders on the disk so I tried each one but they all said the disk didn't contain drivers to my hardware, although something had been installed originally.
I've downloaded a driver from the website so will try that when I next have access to the machine.

  keef66 21:14 28 Jun 2007

is the card pushed fully home into it's slot? - they can require quite a bit of force

  Totally-braindead 22:10 28 Jun 2007

I think keef66 has the most reasonable explanation, theres only 2 possabilities. Either the card is broken, possible but unlikely - I have only had one that was dead on arrival, or the most likely explanation its not properly in the slot. Remove it ans refit it a couple of times, it does take some force especially if theres never been a card in the slot before. If the card was seated properly you would get an image so the only 2 things it can be are faulty card or its not in the slot properly.

The PCI thing you mention in Device Manager might have been there before and it might be nothing to do with the graphics card at all, for example if you are on broadband but have a dial up modem fitted and its not installed as you don't use it, it would show up as a PCI unknown device. I would ignore that just now and concentrate on the graphics card.

Remove and refit the card a couple of times. I assume the card is new and was not bought second hand?

  mrwoowoo 22:32 28 Jun 2007

sorry if you know this, but there is normally a locking tab at the end of the agp slot that needs to be pulled out of the way to allow the card to be pushed right in.
yes a downloaded driver will be the best bet as it will be self extracting.just a double click and away you go,no worrying about choosing the correct driver to install.( up to date as well).

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