AGP is dead! Long live AGP!

  Jim757 01:55 25 Jan 2007

Apologies for the suspect thread title, but I feel compelled to write this as I'm sure that there are still quite a few of you that still use a PC with an AGP m/b (myself included).

With the standardisation of PCIe, I knew time was against me in my quest to obtain a new AGP card - I decided against a full PC upgrade as I know that my Athlon 64 3500 can still cut the mustard in CPU terms.

So, I have just parted with £170 and here is what I purchased: A Radeon X1950 pro (512mb) and a new PSU to power the darn thing!! I read many reviews about the AGP variant of this card, but to be honest, I have been blown away by it.

Oblivion can run in high resolutions with everything (I mean everything, even the shadows, grass and 6x AA) at 40fps!! It eats FEAR for breakfast and it yawns at recent stuff like Just Cause and Medieval II - It's eye candy heaven!!

I'm not writing this to boast about my purchase, my main objective is to say that if you still own an AGP system and play games, I really recommend that you go for this card, it is worth every penny of the £140 tag and makes my PC feel like a new generation machine - Plus it is 100% compatible with the new Vista o/s.

This card is the best farewell for AGP I could ever think of. Well done to ATI and Sapphire for releasing it on AGP. Nuff said.

  newts 11:06 25 Jan 2007

I have just done the same and installed an Artic 600W power unit. I think that will de me for the nest year or so. Vista will now have to wait. Wow what a graphics card.

  newts 11:07 25 Jan 2007

Sorry my typing or perhaps eyesight needs updating.

  Jim757 17:08 25 Jan 2007

A 600w PSU is good for future proofing your PC if you plan to upgrade it. My old Pentium III backup unit uses a 250w PSU....How times have moved on.

Going back to the graphics card issue with AGP, I just build for a friend an Athlon 64 based system with a Geforce 7600GT - They are around £80 on AGP and are a good card for the money - Ideal if you are on a tight budget.

  newts 08:59 26 Jan 2007

My system started out as one sold by Mesh with a 20Gb hard drive which lasted several years with a 600 CPU. It now has an Athlon 2400+ and TWO hard drives of 250 Gb each and USB hard drive of 120 Gb which I use to back up my Music which has grown to 50Gb and Photos of 30Gb. It still has Mesh showing on the help screen but having also changed the MOBO I don't think anything has survived apart from the floppy disk drive. This latest Graphic update will do for the next few years. I'm now 72 so it may outlive me!!!!!

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