AGP card

  sharkyy 12:26 06 Mar 2010

Can someone please help, I have a Scaleo T, P4 3.4 HT computer with GA-81848PM mother board and i have got 500 w power unit and Nvidia 66oo card. I was thinking of updating my graphics card but am limited to what i can get.Would the Sapphire X1950 pro be ok ? Has any one had any problems with this card if they have it fitted ? I would much appreciate any help with this please.

  GaT7 14:20 06 Mar 2010

Where will you be buying the X1950 Pro from, or how much will you be paying for it? It's just that there could be better cards for similar money.

And is your PC case a standard width/height? In other word, not a low-profile or slim type case. G

  iqs 14:28 06 Mar 2010

If the case supports a card that size,then the X1950 is an old card,but still pretty good.

I had the 1950 pro,upgraded to a 8800 GT,still have the 1950 in my media PC.Never had any issues with the card.

My only concern would be the PSU requirements.I would check the Sapphire web site.Mine was running on a 600W PSU with a combined amperage of 38A

  GaT7 14:34 06 Mar 2010

iqs, he/she mentions a 500W PSU, which should be enough. Unfortunately, Sapphire doesn't maintain a record or info of their older cards. G

  iqs 15:01 06 Mar 2010

Well that's annoying,I would of thought they would of kept that info..You never know when someone would post a question regarding past components .

When I bought my 1950,If memory serves,it stated a 600 PSU and 36A,but don't quote me ;-)

  mrwoowoo 15:25 06 Mar 2010

Sapphire claims that the x1950pro needs a psu that supplies 30A constantly, not just in peak.
They are quite demanding cards for their age actually.
So although your wattage may be ok, depending on whether or not you have a good branded PSU, your amperage may not be enough.
You'll need to open the case and look on the PSU to see what it says.

  GaT7 15:46 06 Mar 2010

iqs, I think your card was a PCI-E? But as mrwoowoo says even the AGP ones did require a good PSU, & I agree better to check now than be sorry later.

mrwoowoo, do you have a link to an AGP X1950 Pro's PSU requirements?

I managed to find the Sapphire link click here, but there's no mention of PSU requirements. When I searched on their site before posting initially, strangely nothing relevant came up! G

  GaT7 15:59 06 Mar 2010

It will require TWO molex type connectors to power it click here - see the 2x white connectors at extreme right. G

  sharkyy 12:51 07 Mar 2010

Thanks all. I will be paying £40 for a second hand card from a friend. I have space for it (i know its a long card). I think i will go for it and see, as long as it dont blow the comp up !!

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