AGP bus speed problem (Win 98SE)

  bloo meeny 22:46 22 Feb 2003

Running 3DMark2003 on my system (details below) I got a score of just 1056 points. I was also disappointed that Game Test 4 (Nature) was "not supported" by my system.
I put this down to having "only" a 550MHz PIII.

However, I just ran the SiSoft Sandra diagnostic utility which reports that the AGP bus is only running at 1X (66MHz) speed.
Can't see any BIOS settings for this.

I have checked the DRAM memory speed (66MHz) and have the latest video card drivers.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

System Details:
PIII 550MHz 640MB RAM Win98SE ATI Radeon 9500 64MB

  mcullum_DX4Life 23:26 22 Feb 2003

the only reason for nature not being supported is lack of pixel shaders and the 9500 has them so thats pretty weird

  powerless 23:28 22 Feb 2003

Its only available in the pro version.

  powerless 23:29 22 Feb 2003

What motherboard do you have?

  bloo meeny 23:39 22 Feb 2003

Knew I'd forgotten something......

Motherboard is Tyan S1854 Trinity 400

  powerless 23:54 22 Feb 2003

OK, that motherboard supports 4x on the AGP slot.

If your certain there is not a setting within the BIOS to change the AGP speed there must be a jumper on the motherboard. Do not ask me because i do not know...

Consult the motherboard maunal if you have one or click here and take a peek...

Also update the graphics card driver... click here

  powerless 23:55 22 Feb 2003

I meant to say "do not ask me where the jumper is, because i do not know...

  bloo meeny 00:38 23 Feb 2003

Thanks for the links, Powerless.

I'd already looked at the Tyan site, but I did get newer drivers - ATI Catalyst 03.1 (I had 03.0)

In Radeon 9500 properties, it is confirmed that the AGP bus speed IS set to AGP 1X.

There is a bios setting to enable AGP "4X mode"
It was/is already set enabled.

Bit of a mystery this , eh ?

  bloo meeny 01:01 28 Feb 2003

Just needed the VIA 4-in-1 drivers installed !

BTW, the Nature Test (3DMark2003) now runs along with the 'Elephant' Shader test AND I increased my score by 50% overall !!!

Heres the link to the other post:click here

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