AGP actual speed less than mainboard potential

  The Belarussian Mafia 23:23 27 Oct 2004

I'm using an 8x-capable FX5600 graphics card on a motherboard capable of 1x and 2x AGP bandwidth. Anyone know why the actual speed is only 1x when I run system info programmes? As far as I can ascertain, the mainboard driver is up to date. Is there perhaps a separate AGP driver I need to upgrade?

  Unlucky Bob 00:37 28 Oct 2004

I had a similar problem recently. I hope this thread may help.

click here

  hugh-265156 00:55 28 Oct 2004

do you play games or want to play modern games?

if so then i would suggest you upgrade the motherboard to one that is at least x4 compatable.

agp x1 or x2 just wont cut it with games nowdays and your fx5600 will, although, not the fastest card in the world, will be really restricted when running in x1 or even x2 mode as you want.

x8 cards are backwards compatable with agp x4 x2 x1 depending on your agp slot type click here and you wont notice much difference really running an x8 card for example with an x4 compatable mobo but you certianly will notice if running it in a x2 or x1 mobo.

what is the make and model no. of your motherboard or computer please?, what OS do you use? may help.

if you are not into games it will not make much difference in graphics performance in windows etc really but as you want x2 mode and you say your mobo is capable of this then try this:

right click your desktop 'properties/settings/advanced/troubleshooting' drag the slider all the way to the right (full) click apply and ok.

also click 'start/run' and type 'dxdiag' and click ok. click the 'system' tab, what version of direct x do you have? if lower than version 9 then download and install version 9c from click here

if you already have any version 9 then click the 'display' tab here and click 'enable' acceleration for all the three boxes under the 'direct x features' tab. restart windows if you need to enable these.

run dxdiag again and click the the tests on the right for directdraw and direct3D. note the info displayed in the 'notes' box.

as above x2 over x1 will still not be up for games nowdays so your card is wasted really if thats what you wish to improve the performance of then you really do need to get a new motherboard to get the best out of your fx5600 or any x4 x8 card.

  The Belarussian Mafia 19:54 28 Oct 2004

Unlucky Bob: thanks for the tip, but as my motherboard driver is as new as I can find, I think I need a different solution.
huggyg71: I know what you're saying about the motherboard. Unfortunately when I looked into upgrading, it turned out I'd need a new processor as the old 750 Athlon wouldn't fit any newer board, not to mention my five-year old RAM which also wouldn't fit. Seeing as I still haven't made the jump to Win XP (I'm on '98) it was obvious I'd be better off waiting until I got a new PC. That may be possible in a few months time, but for the time being, I thought I'd see if anyone had any solutions to the '1x' issue. I unknowingly took a risk by splashing out on the 128MB FX5600, as I didn't realise until I read something afterwards that some cards only work with Pentium boards, and others with AMD-type boards. I bought the thing as my kids couldn't play their Pirates of the Caribbean game on my old 32MB 'TNT Riva 64' card. The new card did the trick, although only as long as 32-bit screen colours and maximum anti-aliasing were'nt switched on. Other games, such as IL-2 Sturmovik remain a bit jerky, and the games my kids are now looking at will probably struggle even more. I know via various means that the agp slot is capable of 2x, but I also know from system info programmes and the NVidia NView Desktop Manager that only 1x is currently operational; (incidentally the latter has boxes which look like you can pick and choose the speed, but it won't accept any attempt to uncheck the '1x' box or put a tick in the others). The motherboard is an AMD Jabil adoka part no. 4000629 on a Gateway computer. I've spent a while looking into this whole issue on the 'net. Came across loads of info on the board itself here click here but still can't see how to get the '2x' speed. Having looked at your first link, and then noticing that the NVidia setup programme says it's using AGP revision 3.0 I'm wondering whether the card itself is only supposed to work with '4x'& '8x'. [Just for the record, as well as an 'AGP enable' box (ticked) there is also an 'SBA enable'box (ticked), but I don't know what that is about.] Hardware acceleration is already set to 'max.', and we're on Directx 9.0b. Any further advice gratefully received.

  The Belarussian Mafia 19:57 28 Oct 2004

Sorry, that's AMD Jabil 'Kadoka'.

  hugh-265156 14:04 29 Oct 2004

im guessing that 'SBA enable' is side band addressing. click here i dont think enabling this will make any difference to the agp speed though.

click here says its a universal slot and x2 compatable so im guessing again but try installing the agp miniport driver from click here and then re install the nvidia drivers again afterwards click here

if that doesnt work then try rivatuner maybe and force agp x2 mode click here but be careful as changing settings with this can cause you lots of problems. if you want to try it, install and run it then click 'customize/low level system settings/AGP' and set the 'AGP transfer rate' to x2 here. if it works ok then tick the 'enable at start up box'

if windows hangs then restart in safe mode and undo the above. thats all i can think of sorry.

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